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Sheila Dungeons and Dragons

Sheila D&D
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Sensitive&caring ❤,Sheila would never have chosen the role OF thief for herself&that's exactly WHY Dungeon Master gave it to her. He knew she would BE able to responsibly use the power OF the cloak OF invisibility. As Bobby's older sister,Sheila feels that she has to take care ❤ OF him IN the Realm&provide him with a good role model. Sheila ❤ cares for her friends deeply&she 😱 fears losing them,but more than that Sheila has a phobia OF being alone. To prevent this,Sheila maintains AN open&friendly attitude,hoping to win over people so they will like being with her. THIS can make her seem gullible&IT sometimes gets Sheila IN trouble. CLOAK OF INVISIBILITY: Sheila's cloak OF invisibility can make her invisible 5x a day. IF she is injured while invisible,the cloak OF invisibility fails.

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Simply gorgeous
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In-frigging-credible!!! Dare I hope that you'll try your hand at depicting the other heroes of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon??? Your work is sublime. I hope, against hope, that you consider creating more great works, depicting more of these heroes.
very realistic.  ever think about doing one of Diana the acrobat in the same style? Been a long time fan, since it aired in 1983
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Your artworks are pretty awesome! Can I post them in my FB fan page where I am featuring internet talents on all artistic fields? I would of course add your credit and DA link in the picture, check my page in the following link:…
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yes, you can post it. : )
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These are awesome! More D&D please! :D
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Just to cool for words

Gorgeous! Thank you for making this!
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xow...só tem ela da turma?
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tem o Erik tb : )
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muito xow...via esses desenho todo dia...daria um belo filme...
acho que até fizeram, mas foge do conceito...
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just WOW!!
I love that series, and Sheila was my favorite characters of all! this is an amazing piece of work, taking the somewhat simple animation and put it into such a detailed artwork!
simply amazing!
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Yeap, old time classic. :)
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Stefani, vc é uma artista fantástica! Estou impressionado com sua arte!
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Great take on an old favorite!
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Yay! I’m very glad to announce you that your artwork has been chosen to be amongst the best deviations :iconwinner-plz: submitted to our :iconforeverartgroup: in the month of November 2011. You can check it out here: Featured & here: Hall Of Fame ( 19 - November 2011 ) . :clap: P.S. Please, don’t forget to show us some love :heart: by :+fav:ing the Blog. :thanks: If you had seen this Blog faster than we got to announce it to you, even better! :thumbsup:
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Oh simply fantastic! Have you done any of the other?
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That is friggin' awesome.
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