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Green Lantern cover

Hey Guys!
This is my first cover for a brazillian magazine. YAY!!

Esta é a minha primeira capa para a revista Mundo dos Super-heróis.
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Beautiful, my friend.
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ESPETACULAR! A primeira? Pois começou muito bem!
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aw god...... it was.... damn.. amazing :wow:
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Dude, _I'd_ read this magazine, if I saw it on the stands. And...lived in Brazil. And could speak Portugese. Well you know what I mean. :P The colours and lighting effects are awesome, I love how everybody's got their own individual expressions that show their characters...
(Also, I love that you gave Hal Jordan his original BLUE eyes. People tend to draw him with brown ones nowadays, and while there's nothing actually _wrong_ with brown eyes? I just think the blue ones look more striking. (shrug) I dunno, just a little personal preference.)

Anyway, gorgeous. Good job! :)

MurlocAggroB-MadMAb's avatar
my god...the awesomeness is blinding me!!! >.<
Vadlor's avatar
Beleza! Gustei muito!
proudcreate's avatar
Wow! Awesome illustration! Well done! :D I like the composition and colors. :)
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What magazine?
Rennee's avatar
This is for a Brazillian magazine
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I know, what's the name of the magazine?
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the name is: Mundo dos super-heróis
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cool, thanks!
kkht311's avatar
So cool.

Nice artwork.
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Parabens pela capa vi hj fico lindo =P abraço t+
JaeBlaze06's avatar
Dayum! Nice work! love the rendering ^_^
archipook's avatar
Amazing cover work, great quality.
I love your colors palette.
CamilleDionBolduc's avatar
Wow congrats! :heart: I hope you enjoy your stay there! It's amazing, as always ;__; :heart:
gwdill's avatar
Congrats! You did a fine job too!
Jaaaiiro's avatar
Fantastico trabalho!
singularanomaly's avatar
This is amazing!! Love your work!!
kikoBR's avatar
nossa cara tá muito foda, parabéns! só achei um pouco estranho o negão da direita, mas mesmo assim, tá animal
TDuD3's avatar
oh, congrats dude xDDD :clap:
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