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Tutorial 6 - Finishing Touch

I hope it's not too big. For some reason it came out really big. I'd hate to chop it up. >_<

Anyway, here it is the final tutorial! It's taken a long time for me to get this one done. The journey is over. lol

If you have any questions about anything ask them now! I want to make a tutorial summary and I will cover questions and things I missed during the making of these tutorials. It might be one of the more important pieces to this set.

Thanks everyone! :D

Finishing Touch [you are here now]
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I liked your tutorial very much and I'd like to translate your tutorial into Russian, so that people from Russian-speaking countries can also make such beautiful things. May I translate it?
I'll write that it's your tutorial and give a link on this page of course!
RennardX's avatar
Happily so! I'd also love to link this one to the translated Russian version when it is complete :D
YammiYammi's avatar
no problem) and thanks a lot!
LostGryphin's avatar
Thanks for the tips!
Fleur-dRae's avatar
These tutorials are so helpful! I've been considering taking up sculpting soon and these tutorials you've made are really great :)
RennardX's avatar
That's great to hear! Sculpting really is challenging, but it allows you to create art in a way it's hard to describe. Having something 3d is just fun. I hope they help you out lots! :aww:
Fleur-dRae's avatar
I know what you mean ^^ I've done some 3D work and it really feels cool to be able to see all of an object's sides, to hold it in your hands, and to have the satisfaction of knowing you made it ^^ You can't get all of those things in drawing sadly. Thank you :hug:
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I have a question: Is all of the wire you used safe for baking? I new to sculpting and I bought oven-bake Sculpey and I didn't want to burn anything.
RennardX's avatar
As far as I know it is safe. I just made sure the stuff I had was free from lead. Otherwise the temperature isn't that hot so things don't melt. Like even wood is safe in there without burning.
Laleighgirl's avatar
erolyntigerdragon's avatar
Question: When you mentioned using a bit of the pink sculpey as a kind of support system for the forelocks of hair (I think you used something similar for the sheath as well...), do you bake it with the support in place?? How do you prevent the support from becoming attatched to the main piece??

It's possible you've answered this before, but I didn't see it anywhere... ^^;

Anyways, I wanted to thank you for making this. It's hard for we who have never tried anything with this medium before to know where to start. :icondragonhug:
RennardX's avatar
Hello! Sorry for the major late reply, I've been dead for awhile. XD

But to answer your questions, I do bake it with the supports in place. They haven't attached to the main piece, I think it's because I put them on already baked clay [don't stick very well unless really worked on]. Like for the hair piece It'd be placed on the face, which would already be cooked so it should come right off after.

You're welcome. ^_^
Klensson's avatar
WHOA, this is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally cool!!!!
coffishop's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial *_*
The substitute head's face made me so laugh!!! XD
You're great :heart:
RennardX's avatar
Glad to hear another person likes the substitute. I say it has quite the charm. XD

Hope the tutorial helps you out somehow. :)

Thanks. ^_^
Odd-One-Out's avatar
You have a mean talent of having several years' worth of patience to fix broken stuff.
RennardX's avatar
So true. If I could only overcome my clumsy abilities, or control them to be of use. lol.
HeWhoWalksWithTigers's avatar
Sharing your knowledge with us lesser beings again? I must say, with your instruction, even someone like myself could produce something respectable. Excellent work!
RennardX's avatar
Yessir, I can't help myself. Heh heh.

I'm a good instructor? :D
BansheeLass's avatar
Awesome! :clap: Thanks for the trouble of enlightening us.
RennardX's avatar
You have now been enlightened and I troubled. XD
white-materia's avatar
hehe I love the cute little face before you awsomafied it :P

The model looks really awsome. I cant belive hou much detail you got in.

Ya know, I started a pixelart version of your character ages ago for that thread on acf, but then someone else drew it before I could finish :x

I should dig it out some time
RennardX's avatar
It took me awhile, but I think all the details worked out in the end.

That woulda been ExMachina. XD Though a pixelart version! Oh man.........I wouldn't mind seeing that. :)
grlthatrock's avatar
beautiful indeed:)
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