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Tutorial 5 - Body Details

I hope you can follow this one. I don't know, but my grammar seems lazy in this........somehow. I think I'm just bummed out about losing my pictures for the other one... *slaps self*

No! I mean, I hope this helps! I'm almost finished with the tutorials. :D

Body Details [you are here now]
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Thanks for the tips!
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so you can burn the sculpey between steps? I didnt know that ._.
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wow, you are absolutely wonderful!
This sculpture is so realistic and so detailed!
I wish I was as good as you :D hehe my sculpeys always have plenty of finger prints on it :(
RennardX's avatar
Thanks a lot!

Details, ah yeah. They take such patience to do. Finger prints are always hard to keep off as well, it's easier to sand them off at the end. XD. But yeah, if you can keep em off before baking then one is doing good. That takes lots of effort.

Sculpting is by no means easy! Just take it piece by piece and learn what you can from the experience. My earliest works were......really yuck. lol

lasthallucination's avatar
Awe thank you!
XD omg yeah, I tried to make a cupcake once and it ended up looking like a pile of poo. NOT appetizing. I should just sand it off later! You are really talented though ^-^
Very inspiring! I hope i can become as great as you are :D
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cant wait for part 6
plus i have a question
"how many times did you bake it in all of the tutorials combined and for how long?"
" does it mean that we can bake it as many times we want for a certain ammount of time?"

because what i got is that you baked the head like three times so it will be firm enough to attach the ears and other parts and so on, so nothing will happen if we bake for a lot of times?
plus you are gona bake the whole thing in the end and then 'glaze' it and then with the 'colors' bake again right?

oh and can we bake in micorwave or it HAS to be an oven?

pleasssssssssssse answer me please plese
and sorry a lot of questions
so far i loved allllllll the tuts and faved. omfg. im soo gona use them:]
RennardX's avatar
Thank you for your interest!

How many times did I cook it..........that's a tough question. I'd have to go through all the tutorials to figure that one out exactly. But it was a lot of times. A dozen at least, probably more.

When I cook I do it in short spurts so to speak. I'll usually give 7-10 min each time. So I bake it, but not taking too long.

"Does it mean that we can bake it as many times we want for a certain amount of time?"

Yep. If there is a limit, I haven't reached it yet, but I sure am testing it. XD

"You are gonna bake the whole thing in the end and then 'glaze' it and then with the 'colors' bake again right?"

For that, no. This isn't quite like the other techniques with clay that you use a kiln oven and use glazes for the colour. When I'm done and everything has been baked, I simple use primer and acrylic paints to colour.

"Can we bake in microwave or it HAS to be an oven?"

No to the microwave. These models have metal in them and metal + microwave = fire and sparks and boom. XD It's best to bake in the oven for safety reasons.

No problem about the questions! I realize I haven't explained a lot of things. As a result and your questions will help me to create my tutorial summary. So thank you for asking. :)

If you have any more don't be afraid to ask. :D
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omg. thank you soo much.
i realzied that this is different than the clay i have because mine is with the kiln and glazes

plus today i went and bought 'earth clay' but then it says on it 'not to bake in the oven ect"
so er?
it seems like it is a sculpey but i guess it is not?
does it says 'not to bake ' or stuff like that on sculepy too or the clay you got too?
idk its weired
and thanks soo much for the info you gave me.
i am so going to use your tuts<33
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Hmmm, that sounds weird about the Earth clay.

Super Sculpey you do bake. It has it written on the box and gives you the temperature and time you should bake it at.

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You make it look so easy :O and you also tempt me to attempt to sculpt :/
RennardX's avatar

It's a lot of fun! But easy......not so much. =P
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That's so cool! XD I'm gonna have to try this one of these days even though it must be really hard >.<
RennardX's avatar
Go for it! It's not really too bad, well I don't find it that way. Certain things can be tricky. Working really small makes it very hard. Only problem with bigger is materials.
Rhapsodyinaqua's avatar
Ah, that makes sense! ^.^ I've been using clay dough to make cosplay jewelry recentle and that was really fun! XDDD
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