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Tutorial 4 - Body Building

Less wait for this one. I've found they're getting easier to make now I've done a couple. Maybe down the line I'll make them look nicer too.

Maybe. =P

So this tutorial is building up the body from the skinny frame we had before. I warn you in there, but I did skip some parts. Completely unintentional. :(

Give me a shout if you have any questions.

Oh and there probably is a better way of attaching the head. I don't know it :P

Body Building [you are here now]
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If you can't finish a sculpture in a day is it better to bake the part you've finished or can you leave the clay out for awhile? I'm scared to start my first sculpture because I don't want to do the wrong thing! And I have a two year old so I won't always have time to finish projects quickly.
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You'll be happy to know that you can do either. I am not fast with my sculpture work at all, the only reason I would bake is when I am happy with where I have something and it's like a save point. With sculpey it doesn't dry out right away, but it will over time if you let it sit for months and months. That's when you'll notice it'll start cracking and you have to play with it to make it smooth and pliable again, but the sculpture or project could be ruined because once there are cracks they are they to stay unless you remove that piece with something fresh. I had that happen with my Grimmjow sculpture actually. Even covering it with a layer of sculpey wouldn't help the crack, it would crack through the "patch".

So in summary, you can leave it out :) Just not too too long, and keep it in a ziploc if you can to keep air away from it.

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Amazing tutorial!
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Hey there, thanks for these tutorials, they are GREAT! However, I have a question. Will she always stand there with the wire-thing between the legs or is that removed somehow later? If so, how do you make it stand by itself? Sorry if I missed something in the tutorials, it's all very confusing to me.
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I love your tutorials its the right thing to bring my characters to life one day and it looks so simple. Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you and you are very welcome! It definitely is a great way make things seem alive. :D
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Oh one question I haven't though of before: do you bake your sculpture with the wooden support, or do you manage for it to stand along in the oven?=)
Also, if it's the first option, would it be possible to attach the armature to the wooden support- not with one single piece the goes between the legs, but rather by the armature of the legs?=)
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I do bake with the wooden support and it is possible to attach the armature to the support via the legs instead of a separate part [in the butt xD]. You can totally do that. :D

I only do it the other way because I'm very hands on and I need an easy way to detach re-attach the model to the support.

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ooouh gotya! XD
Thank you a whole lot^^
Oh, I have placed links to your sculpture tutorials series in my journal, cause it's a very acessible and clear one, I didn't ask your permission, so tell me if it's fine with you?=)
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Oh my! Thank you very much! I was wondering why my message center was getting flooded. XD

That is very kind of you, I appreciate it!
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oh lols, I'm glad it brought you some public ^^
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I just wanted to thank you for making such detailed, lengthy tutorials about sculpting clay. I've always loved clay, but could never figure out how to use sculpey.

These have been massively helpful! :heart:
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Awww :aww: that is wonderful to hear!

I hope they help you. :D
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They did - now I just need to build up the money to actually create a piece this size out of sculpey...:faint:
RennardX's avatar
O rly?

How big is this sculpt you're talking about?
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Not terribly big - like 9 inches tall or so, but it will take several of those little packs, right? They cost about five dollars a pop at the michaels I go to, so...^^; Perhaps I'm just stingy.
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I'm currently working on a 9" and so far I still have a good amount of Sculpey to work from the batch I made. Like I am using a mixture compound. It helps stretch out those expensive little blocks, because strictly using those would be excessive. You have the regular Super Sculpey?
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Yeah, I have *checks the label* Sculpey III oven bake clay. :nod: But I suppose using the foil helps loads!
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It's so interesting seeing how you do this... Nice tutorial...
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o___o what happens to the hole up his butt!?
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I haven't gotten to that part in the tutorial yet.
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You work fast!

I can now see how it's all buiding up :eyes:
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