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Tutorial 3 - Head Sculpting

There we are, tutorial part three with sculpting the head.

I learned what I used up there from here mainly >>> [link]

Hopefully with the use of both this and that you can sculpt way better heads then my shameful attempt. =P

it's not that bad.......I could have done some things slightly different, but...........oh well.


Head Sculpting [you are here now]
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Thanks for the tips!
DBZ1FAN1GIRL's avatar
.....looks like Ludwig from hetalia....
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So I'm not the only one who saw that. 
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Wow, this is really great. Just with sculpey, right? Sorry if you've already answered this (I'm sure you have) but any tips on smoothing it out? Do you just use your fingers? I have trouble smoothing over creases without the clay looking... well, weird.
RennardX's avatar
Yep yep, just sculpey. :D

When it comes to smoothing it out there are a couple ways of going about it. One is to use your tool and smooth it, but sometimes that isn't enough. There is a process where you can use isopropyl alcohol and apply with a brush and it kinda "melts" the clay to a smooth finish. But you don't want to use it too much at once because it over softens it and the details will be lost. So slightly dip a brush would be a good way to do that. The last way to get smooth is after you've baked and the object's cooled you use a fine grade sandpaper. I think something like.....200 or 250 grain. Something very fine and slightly go over the sculpture. Those are the only methods I really know of, but they've worked for me fairly well. Hope it helps! :)
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Fantastic! Very helpful, thanks.
ogihciXichigo's avatar
Thank you! >3<
I'm making a bust for my Advanced art class, I haven't started working on it yet, but hopefully it will turn out well.

I've decided to make a fairly large head too @A@ any suggestions?
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Suggestions for a large up the base with lots of foil, build it like it were a skull and slowly build up the details. If it's fairly large you could make the eyeballs precooked and stick them in the head so they're already preformed. That's all I can think of.
ogihciXichigo's avatar
Okay, fantastic~ that really helped me a lot!

I appreciate your help.
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I know this tut has been up for yonks but i have to thank you so much! I'm making a sculpture of my own character and I couldn't have got this far without your tutorials, I actually have a head in the oven right now! :D
RennardX's avatar
That is so great to hear! It's the exact thing it's for, I'm really glad to hear that it's helped you this much. :D

lol head in the oven, you'll be showing it once it's done I hope!

Thanks a lot. :) If you have any questions regarding any thing here I'll be happy to answer best I can. ^_^

Good luck with your project! :#1:
Gourmet-Suicide's avatar
I won't be showing until after christmas but if you'd like I'll drop you a link once I can show it off! Its a gift for my other half who happens to be on here :S

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That is totally fine, it takes a while to finish these sort of projects anyway and in your case keep it secret. XD So yeah, share it when ya can! That'd be great. ^_^
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This is an awesome tutorial. o 3o I have to try this now. xD

Though I have a question, between each step you bake it for 5 minutes each? o 3o Or do you have to vary it?

And at the very end do you bake it for a normal time period, like an hour or 45 minutes, maybe? o 3o
RennardX's avatar
Yeah, I usually give around 5 minutes. I might do more if I've added a lot of sculpey in that particular step, but usually no more then 10 min.

The final bake is a much longer bake like you said. 45 minutes is close to what I go for while at the lower heat. :)
She-who-shat-bunnies's avatar
With lower heat being like 250 degrees F?

Ah thanks so muchh 8D *excited*
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I actually don't bake at the recommended temps the Sculpey box says. I find it's way too hot and cracks or burns stuff [not always, but usually].

The main temp I stick around is 210-215 F, then the lower being 190-200 F.

She-who-shat-bunnies's avatar
Sorry, you're probably tired of all these questions, but this is the last one I think. xD;

So since you bake it at a way lower temperature, do you keep it at 30 minutes to every 1/4 of an inch? Or do you keep them in longer?
RennardX's avatar
Hahaha, it's alright. I'm happy to answer questions. ^_^

At the lower temps I still cook them at 10-15 minutes. Like at the 210-215 range.

For the last long slow bake, it's just the 190-200 for 30 min.

I've never taken the box directions very seriously. I've never worried about thickness and all that either. I just judge it by size and think, well this is pretty big and thick I'll add an extra ten minutes to it. It's never been part of an exact equation. Most of the stuff you see in my gallery including this model are fairly thin and small and the 10-15 minutes works for them. I'm thinking the model would have to be pretty big for me to consider cooking it regularly that much longer [and I know I'll never attempt anything huge]

Hope that made sense and helps! If not, don't worry about asking me more questions. :aww:
She-who-shat-bunnies's avatar
Oh! Wow so it requires a lot less time and heat than I'd thought!

Alright. Thanks a ton. 8D
RennardX's avatar
:aww: Good to hear! You are welcome. :)
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That's amazing. (and slightly creepy) >.>; EEE. *Learns* 8D
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The amount of detail that you're able to achieve at such a small scale is very impressive! And the tutorial should be very useful in the future. Thanks fr sharing!
RennardX's avatar
Ah thank you very much. It can be really difficult getting those details.

Hope you get good use from it. :D
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