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Rust in peace

Currently I'm searching for the visual style for my new game idea, so any suggestions and tips will be really appreciated. Especially in terms of colors, because I still see myself as a color blind person :) 
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The muted colors blend very well. :)
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Very smooth animation, great design!
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Love the light rays
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Looks pretty cool. It could be fun to play this.
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Actually this idea has evolved as it can be visible in my latest artwork, I hope you'll like the new design too. Have a nice day :)
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well, this sort of world is kind of meant to be lifeless, so in terms of colors i would only really recconmend coloring the human's jacket a nice shade of brown or red.
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Thank you for the advice :) My latest artworks show new look at this particular character.
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Looks awesome! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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This is incredible! And the colors? The colors are the best part!
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I'm really happy to hear, that my sense of colors is not as bad as I thought :) Thank you!
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I'm really happy that you like the colors. Thank you good sir!
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Really nice! I love it! Well done!
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Thank you very much!
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I like it. I'd try and bring some more orange tones in however to offset the background palette. But overall, I like it.
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Yeah, it actualy might be a good idea. I'll try it in my next work. Thank you very much!
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In stylistic looks like The Last Door game.
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I really need to finsih this one :) But yes, I wass actually trying to keep this piece in similiar style to this game.
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Yay, I knew it! BTW great game :D
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This is awesome, have you considered a darker/rotten/rusty colour palette? This one seems so perky and fresh, but it is a steampunky graveyard.. +favlove 
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