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Environment practice.
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This one looks very nice, I love the amount of details put in here^^
Especially how even the grass and the little leaves are moving...
If the outer leaves of the Trees would be moving as well it could make the trees look less static (at least i would think so^^)
The leaves and grass movement, the light rays, the background town... All is beatiful!!!

PD: What program you use?
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Thank you very much! I work with Pyxel Edit since the beginning, and I can highly recommend it if you are looking for good software for pixel art.
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I love how you made the trees
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Thank you, I'm quite proud if them :)
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I love the trees leaves movement, so awesome! :)
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When I see these my first reaction, without hesitation, is to begin pressing the arrow keys, before quickly realizing that this isn't even an actual game yet. It's beautiful.
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Actually, my project went through some major changes since I've made this piece. Current version can be seen on the latest artworks. I hope that the final version also make you want to play it :)
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LOVE :). The wind, the light rays - well done!
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Wow!:wow: Nowadays we see all those awesome looking games with graphics that make them look like they're real, but I'm getting the feeling that making pixel art like this look just as beautiful is a lot more difficult... And this looks like a wonderful sunny day in the park. Great work!:worship:
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It really pleases me that there are people seeing pixel art that way. I agree with you in terms of realistic graphic with pixel art, which in many cases looks significantly more suggestive and scenic than 3D. Thank you very much for your kind words and have a nice day :)
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You're very welcome:D I can't wait to see more of your art :eager:
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Soon there will be more :)
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I love the way this is done. Especially the way the leaves move.
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Indeed, I'm really proud of those trees. Thank you very much!
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Neat idea with the leaves, sure looks good! :eager:
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Thank you, I don't want to be immodest but I'm actually really proud of them :)
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