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Laser gun study

By Renlov
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Please feel free to comment! I'm still learning. :) (Smile)  
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When you drew the original was it in a 32x32 or 16x16 canvas and then scaled up in Photoshop or did you draw it in the 160x160 to start with?  Also since the laser is super heating the air just outside of the barrel I'd imagine you'd get a small explosion that could cause recoil... kinda like how you get that snapping sound from a static shock, just sayin' ;)  Plus like every anime laser discharge also seems to come with some sort of atmospheric effect.

Great stuff, I'm definitely takin' notes.
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I love the lighting, and movement.
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Very Out of This World. I like it.
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No worries man. I really think spriting nowadays is underrated. I remember spending hours making all these sprites as a kid in MS Paint. Holy shit it's fun.
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hehe, weird for a laser to recoil
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totally agree. i have also noticed that but unfortunately after posting it :D next time i'll think twice! 
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I on other hand dont mind it, it woul feel stiff without the movement.
You are alwayes  [almost] choosing between real and more artistic.
You created feel of power with amount of pixels i can [almost] count on my fingers.

Not that i dont have enought fingers i just cant count that high.
Dumb and Dumber: another shrimp on the barbie 
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Looks like Jinx from League of Legends. Its cool anyway ^^
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Love the light effect! nicely done.
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sleek, nostalgic and cool!
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