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A small comic I did for Christmas a couple of years ago
No specific characters but original work, hand inked and colored in Photoshop CS

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Aw I remembered seeing this back then and now I'm glad I found the artist!

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this is one of the relics for the emo culture

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I saw this some years ago, when I was in high school and OMG I can't believe I found the artist

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O.o OMG!!!! you made this?!?!?! i saw this back in 08-09 and always wondered who made it. dam you really are talented. is there a story behind it or just wanted to make a cute couple?
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><; i kinda used it too um my ava (well a rip-off) form?
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Yeah, uhm, you kinda did... and you know you really shouldn't, right? -_- Yeah thanks for like telling me, but I'd appreciate it of you took my peice off your avvie. Like you to know it's illegal and all. Thanks.
IRENEEEE! I'm using this for LastArc's xmas cards okie??
(I'm Pres this year >< :P)
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lol yeahh come to think of it I have seen this drawing everywhere -.- its been sent to me through emial and shit people are stealing your great artwork...that would make me mad XD well now I know who really did it XD I love it btw XD Its so cute XD
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Thats so cute.. :)
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omg its so cute! >w< i can just eat both of them! OwO
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