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Happy Uterus by craftyhanako Happy Uterus :iconcraftyhanako:craftyhanako 1,680 811 creative destruction by anuvys creative destruction :iconanuvys:anuvys 24 7
Fall's fragrance comes in a backpacked puff of breeze,
When the leaves turn brown, crinkling to a frown.
In releasing its aroma and sojourning in my nasal caves,
There's a prickle in my nose, holding back, it waives:
Inhaling double-stop jolted breaths, I begin to sneeze.
              . . . Two blinks of an eye later . . .
Boldly perched, curtly mannered, is an uncouth bird,
Interrupting a moment's peace on my vehicle and so,
The bird mechanically twitched its head at me,
As if asking, "Who on what world are you?" but instead,
"God oppress you!" said the bird, "Cheap, cheap!"
"My car is not cheap! What's all the blasphemy about?"
I irately replied. "This may sound crazy, but hear me out,"
said the bird, "Cheap, cheap," repeating, "Cheap, cheap!"
Laving rain pours! Crackling fingers descend the augur sky.
Slowly inhaling slurps of air brings with them the icy tastes of rain,
cascading d
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 2 0
Heaven's Evaluation
Strong scent of bullshit, entering Heaven's door,
Stood countless men whose lies are reeking contagions,
After denying confessions upon covering disavowals;
And God, who scorched them into fertile remains,
Has cast them to Hell's dense thicket of fury flowers,
Drooling wells of magma from their adamantine petals,
Dancing about like joyous jejune children in the rain,
Swaying their flaming stalks and crowns, left to right,
As a seemingly behaved demon, slaved to pit duty,
Stands above, peppering on the crunchy remnants.
Next in line, from out the crowd, a child before the Lord,
And the myriads upon myriads in discordant "humph,"
Stand with weight on their hips that hoped to see a triumph,
Arms across their hearts, instead, are disappointed and bored.
But a few hundred thousand charging jealous exalted men,
Figuring and knowing they'd go to Hell, were sent to the den!
And the Lord, boasting in all austerity, "Is there no one else!"
Wherein kicking a crawling fiend in the face with his he
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 2 7
The True Human in the Human
Only when we sit on the flushing stool to dispose our impurities
with drywall being our barricade and a pathetic door our shield
as we give death, not life, to the lives and things we ate hours ago,
with a stench equal to a rotting corpse, if kept within would kill us,
(it's no wonder), or when stripping down naked for the shower
with every inflection exposed since child birth, that only in public
would we care, and only in public beams bright in criticizing eyes,
do we then realize how dirty, armorless and human we really are!
In walking out our private room(s), sheltering our imperfections,
we see yet forget in clearing our throats, and with it, our infections,
but never remind or tell ourselves what irony was in our phlegm,
when seeing our fellow neighbors, judging and scoffing at them!
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 1 3
To America and the World
Humanity, you've lost your ear(s) for these words and,
sometimes wish you were blind to take a better listen!
That itself is one sentiment, but here's some others,
with my singeing footprint signet upon Man's chest:
Life's a dollar you forget in your pants in doing laundry,
and a lost set of car keys you keep forgetting is there!
It may seem lost, and hell [it is], only in those who wield it,
but it is there; tis' right fricking there! O' wait, here are two
'Hubble Telescopes' for each eye; take a good look!
Let us stop questioning the inevitable, what is here, is there,
what is, and so simple, like a dimple, and a pimple,
this walking, dancing and talking enchantment we call Life!
Let us tectonically sail Life out like a ship without its flags,
and throw the men of the crew overboard when arguing,
"This is mine, and this is yours!"
"No. That is mine, and that is yours!"
Wherein a man interrupts and yells,
"It's just a floating rock, quit whining!"
Better ye
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 1 0
God's Signet
"Whatever!" is engraved on God's shoe soles,
Who one day will stamp it upon the foul world;
And in lifting up in every angry stomping step,
All the stretchy stickiness at His weighted feet
Has all the seeming of bubble-gummed corpses,
Lade with soot, infrastructures, and muted voices.
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 3 2
prismatic collusion by anuvys prismatic collusion :iconanuvys:anuvys 15 6
Marry I must not with the minds made up upon this otherwise!
Imagination is not imagination; it is the concept by which
we measure our reality, and disbelievers venture to disbelieve:
What we have seen had come before us and is a continuation
nourishing the eyes in every newborn child with figures,
then are bent, conveying thoughts of ideology
(whose nature a hand when handed, taken,)
welcomes its guests and arms us with thoughts
followed by tangible ambiances with scents and sounds!
Imagination is the antidepressant for every hopeless day,
wayfaring to nameless places every man relies,
not on mercy outside where comfort scarcely assists.
Often denied by its bearers imagination is a pilferer of resources,
but what it takes stays, much like a picture of something, stays.
These things we perceive inspires our ears and eyes masking forgery:
Spotless minds do
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 3 17
To Forgive Life
In our lives somehow we can never forgive death, but when we come to pass,
There is no choice but to forgive life forever anyway, so be forgiving now,
(We might as well) not wait until we are buried beneath the plods of grass;
But damn how sad it is! a silly conscience gets in the way of that upon the brow.
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 4 2
Blue tree by HelaLe Blue tree :iconhelale:HelaLe 49 10 Don't ask by HelaLe Don't ask :iconhelale:HelaLe 43 14 Golgota by em613 Golgota :iconem613:em613 4 0 fault line by anuvys fault line :iconanuvys:anuvys 20 5 corrosive intellect by anuvys corrosive intellect :iconanuvys:anuvys 918 174 Born in the Forest by HelaLe Born in the Forest :iconhelale:HelaLe 61 7


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