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Renaissance outfit by StrayLuluCat
Renaissance Outfit with Cloak by StrayLuluCat
Four Ladies of Adventure by PhotosbyRaVen
Women of the Arizona Renaissance Festival 002 by PhotosbyRaVen
Knight on horse by Sindeon
Empress Tainis and her Guardians by Sindeon
The Barron's Charge by EssieofWho
Sir Edgeron by EssieofWho
Fae And Fantasy
Come a little closer my dear by greendragon-gecko
winged elf priest by greendragon-gecko
Costumes are for everyone by greendragon-gecko
5th Anniversary Edition of BQ Magazine (spoof) by KEArnold
Renaissance Faire by lavendarfreesia
Pirate, Perhaps by EudaemonicPlague
Pirates! by Sindeon
I'm on shore leave kid dont bother me by spritepirate
Wee Ones
Baby Fae by NatureRaven
The Best Little Smile by NatureRaven
The Other Way by NatureRaven
For My Country! by skydancer792007
Faire Gardens
Spitting Dragon by brandimillerart
Beautiful Mermaid Statue by DamselStock
A Beautiful Statue of a Woman by DamselStock
Beautiful Statue of Woman by DamselStock
black widow by greendragon-gecko
Juliet Rose by lavendarfreesia
Danger in a top Hat A by spritepirate
Danger in a top Hat B by spritepirate
wasteland surviors by greendragon-gecko
Wolgamut 2014 at Ren Faire by TheMightyQuinn
One Man Band by EudaemonicPlague
Ta Da! by EssieofWho
Behind The Scenes
Zombie creation by greendragon-gecko
Freshly Baked Turkey Legs by TheMightyQuinn
Meth by ambosshg
How Pirates Prepare by TimelordWitch10
Medieval by EudaemonicPlague
The arena by Triforcefangirl
Hot Pizza and Cold Water by TheMightyQuinn
wookie by greendragon-gecko
Renfaire Pets
Bow Before Royalty by NatureRaven


BR2012:InteractiveStatue by PoldalleLovesnare BR2012:InteractiveStatue :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 3 6 BR2012:BlowingBubbles by PoldalleLovesnare BR2012:BlowingBubbles :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 4 2 BristolRF2012OW-TokenHumanMageXD by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-TokenHumanMageXD :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 8 18 BristolRF2012OW-Arabae's'Debut'-2 by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-Arabae's'Debut'-2 :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 8 5 BristolRF2012OW-Arabae's'Debut'-3 by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-Arabae's'Debut'-3 :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 10 7 BristolRF2012OW-DrowSiblings'Debut' by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-DrowSiblings'Debut' :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 16 6 BristolRF2012OW-WaterFantastikal by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-WaterFantastikal :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 2 0 BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer7 by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer7 :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 1 0 BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer6 by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer6 :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 1 0 BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer5 by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer5 :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 0 0 BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer2 by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer2 :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 0 0 BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer3 by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer3 :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 0 0 BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer4 by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer4 :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 1 0 BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer1 by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-AerialSilkDancer1 :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 0 0 BristolRF2012OW-RedDragonStatue by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-RedDragonStatue :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 19 10 BristolRF2012OW-JustArriving by PoldalleLovesnare BristolRF2012OW-JustArriving :iconpoldallelovesnare:PoldalleLovesnare 3 7
skydancer792007 :iconskydancer792007: requested that I spread this message to the group in case anyone is interested.

"My local renaissance festival, The Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxihachie, Texas, is being featured in a new Travel Channel special on fan culture. I have been contacted by both the producer and production assistant of Sharp Entertainment. They have invited me to participate and have asked that I spread the word to other renaissance fans. The event takes place on the weekend of April 20 & 21. I have more information if anyone is interested."

I will admit this makes me a bit homesick for Texas and my Scarborough days. Good info to know for the upcoming season!
Hello, all of you potential watchers/submitters! This group just got up and running today, so please be patient! Hopefully, everything will get organized soon. Also, please check out the gallery! It already has folders, so not everything is in the Featured section.

This group is dedicated to Renaissance Faire, Renaissance Festival, and Fantasy Faire Photography. We want pictures from any faire anywhere! If you love faires and everything about them, feel free to watch and join!

Just click that join button at the top of the page. Your join request will automatically be accepted.

Right now, submit as many as you want. This is subject to change in the future. Just try to submit good quality tasteful work. Hopefully, we will get more contributors on board. In case anyone was wondering, pictures of Renfaire pirates are welcomed as well.
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