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Giftart for a friend xD
photoshop 2-3hrs(not sure xD)

couple reference pics..
foxxy..ugh...too much furs D:

first .animal i've drawn..i think o.o
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amazing animal... and great artist!
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He doesn't look like he is on fire, but the stark, almost glowing aspect of his fur suggests a flame, hidden under his skin.
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thats awesome;3
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Love the brightness of the fur on the black.
arcticphoenixstudios's avatar
O.o How come this is categorized as People > Pin-Up? It's neither human nor a pin-up. *is terribly confused*
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lol..not sure why i did that
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wow, really impressing
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beautiful colours! :heart:~
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lol thx the fox :P
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Be you chinese? :o
midnightangel38's avatar
chinese-timorese actually XD
i can understand, and speak haka,& a bit of mandarin. but cant write ^^;
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Can you read fluently? :O
midnightangel38's avatar not a fluent reader either :P
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the detail on this is amazing. that and I love foxes!
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:P thx me too xD
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