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Renepolumorfous Commission Pricelist

!! Comment here if you are intrested to get a commission from me in the future !!
!! I can tag you the next time I'm open for commissions !!

Hourly rate for private commissions: $20 (USD)
Art Project Progress

Creature Portrait - 80$

   Faidith: I'm back!!! by RenePolumorfous  Nemesis : Goldheart by RenePolumorfous  Enkka : The Blissful Spirit by RenePolumorfous
-Creature Neck/bust
-Animal Portraits
-No Detailed background 
Usually blurry, very simple or abstract

Fullbody Creature - 140$ - 150$ 

The Mythical Frost Feather by RenePolumorfous   Shining Goblin : The Eyes of Lightweever by RenePolumorfous  Qualinothrinopis : The Wise by RenePolumorfous  Calcrag: Scion of the Void by RenePolumorfous

- Fullbody detailed creature (No Anthros)
- Simple background
Some details

 Fullbody Human / Anthro -150$ starting price 

   Aurelia : The Lotus Dancer by RenePolumorfous  Suowierya :The High Priestess by RenePolumorfous  Bao : The Precious Treasure by RenePolumorfous

- Fullbody detailed Anthros / Gijinkas / Humans
- Simple background
Some details, usually Blurry or abstract

Bust Human / Anthro 90$

Fluxx and Laurel : Shifting Expanse Trip by RenePolumorfous

-Bust detailed Anthros / Gijinkas / Humans
- Simple background
Some details, usually Blurry or abstract

NSFW - 160$ starting price 
Example (NSFW Filter furaffinity)
- Nude version
- Only Anthros and Humans

Detailed Background (Only Background) - 80$ - 200$ 

Dragon Earth Temple by RenePolumorfous    Auxantious : The Alchemist by RenePolumorfous  LadyLotus : Nature's Spirit by RenePolumorfous  Valduin: Forest calling by RenePolumorfous
 (no characters or not very detailed chacters)
Vertical Canvas
-Price varies depending on the theme and details, negotiable.

Forest,Swamp, Seascape, Wasteland, Reef, Mountain
Cities, Scy-fi, Steampunk, Room, Castle


Voltaire and Elliar : The Frozen Sea by RenePolumorfous   WDGaster : The Experiment by RenePolumorfous  A New Journey by RenePolumorfous
Extras: Fullbody / Detailed background / Extra character
A mix of the above prices for a more complex piece starting price is the main character.

Extra Character:
- Character +50$

Detailed Background:
- Starting prices +30$ (Depending on details)

 Baroque Portrait - Narcissa: The LorekeeperBaroque Portrait: Evan FalindrithBaroque Portrait: Lady WolfLace…

• Baroque Portrait - 60 USD
(Mixed media traditional + Digital coloring)
- Gijinka / Human
- Anthro / Furries / Scalies
- Feral / Animals / Dragon

How to Order

My email:

1. Your username and Site (ex. RenePolumorfous from Furaffinity).
2. Character Image Reference(s)
3. Character basic informations to inspire me for the artwork. 
4. Artwork's Tittle (Optional)
5. Commission Type (Bust, Fullbody etc.)
6. Paypal Adress

Terms of Use

- I accept paypal only.

- I can show you wips (optional).

- If you have any questions please let me know

- Please, No endless walls of descriptions. Keep it short. 

- This type of commissions is for personal use only. You can print it for youself.

- If you post the artwork anywhere else please credit me with a link to my page.

- I have the right to post my work in any other site (Tumblr,Facebook,Instagram etc).
If you don't want your artwork to be posted in any other site please say beforehand.

- Reposting image is fine as long as there are credits and a link back to any of my pages. (ex. FA)

- If you want your commissionon a specific date let me know and I will try my best to make it in time.
© 2016 - 2021 RenePolumorfous
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Dragonz1868's avatar

I'd love a tag when it opens again

Fellefan's avatar

I'd like a tag for the next opening please!

RoseBlood-Wolf's avatar

I would love to be tagged when you open commissions again!

vethir's avatar

can i be tagged when u open commissions again? <3

RenePolumorfous's avatar

Contact me via email in 1-2 weeks for a slot :D

DragonPhylakas's avatar
I'd love to get a commission for you. Bought a print from you at Gameathlon btw! :3
RenePolumorfous's avatar
Thank you for the support! 
Mystrick's avatar
Gonna have to keep this in mind for when I'm no longer poor but my gosh it'd be so worth it.
RenePolumorfous's avatar
I do post journals now and then :D I can tag you if you want later.
Mystrick's avatar
That'd be nice.
Considering right now I have $2 it's gonna be a while before I could get one of these oml.
xXChaoticOrderXx's avatar
I am so down for whenever you decide to reopen commissions, your art is gorgeous!!
RenePolumorfous's avatar
Hello! Feel free to email me with character info whenever you are ready :)
maywang's avatar
Hi! I saw your amazing FR fan art! I just wondering do you accept commission at the moment? I desire to order the full body one. XD
RenePolumorfous's avatar
Hello maywang! I'm so glad you like my arts.
Yes, I do accept! :)
tawnycatz's avatar
Need to keep track of this! Gotta save up some money.
Abbysol's avatar
Naww, I was asleep when you opened these, not that I have the money at the moment anyway *cries* maybe next time ;w; 
lil-saph-fox's avatar
Woah these are so cheap for your level of skill °A° I need to remember you
Abbysol's avatar
Oh wow, I really want to get one of these when I get some money ;w;
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