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Woari : The Poet

Commission for  IndigoRyu

I really enjoyed making this piece. :)

Artwork by RenePolumorfousⒸ 2016

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© 2016 - 2021 RenePolumorfous
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ooh Can i ask you wich size and wich kind of data you saved this art work. 
I´m not sure if you would look at my drawings but somehow they're all pretty blurry when you look at them. 
But its not possible as I´m drawing my art on photoshop and on my phone they're sharp but on deviantart itself they're blurry... can you help me? :(
RenePolumorfous's avatar
Hello Sekicion. Many sites lowers the quality of picture such as Facebook and I'm not sure why. But if that happens on Deviantart which keep the hd quality there might be problem on how you save your file.
I usually work on A3 (international paper) size with 300 resolution. When I save files for uploading I lower the size to "800x1131 pixel" and resolution to "72" and save it as a "png" file(png is a good format for internet uploads).
Try this and if there is still a problem you may upload the the full resolution file (300 res) and size which that will make your file a lot bigger and clearer but sharing original files on the internet put your work in danger from "art theives" and such.
CobraCatDragon2898's avatar
This is too beautiful for words.
RenePolumorfous's avatar
Thank you!Tried my best for this one <3 I love it so much
Konveekou's avatar
Oso paei sou vgainoun olo kai pio storytelling.... einai toso uperoxa.. ;O;
Kai exeis kanei fovero improvement panw sto painting... Rene I am so proud ;O; :heart:
KEEP IT UP!! :hug:
DrakeTheAngel's avatar
So beautiful! I love the lighting and detail.
ZaromiMTS's avatar
Beautiful Skydancer!!!
RyTHEdragon's avatar
wow! this is so amazing! I love the work you put into this. To the moon and to the scenery is absolutely beautiful! 
KCDragons's avatar
Where the snow is blowing off the mountains right under the moon is really pretty! And of course the SD is too :D
BloodyCupcake42's avatar
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