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November 7, 2013
Delphox The Great Wizard by *RenePolumorfous
Featured by KovoWolf
Suggested by gdpr-16812140
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Delphox The Great Wizard


As everyone knows X and Y versions are out!Some of you got them or other maybe to get them soon.
Me unfortunately need some money for 3Ds and i'll get them in about 1-2 months.So need to calm down and wait O_O

Anyway i realy loved the RPG inspired starters!
I love that little foxxy Fennekin i think that would be my pick as soon as i get my version.
Inspired by the mage design of Delphox the final form of Fennekin,i decided to draw him(Male plz) more realistic.
Fire was realy hard to manage to make it looks good.I think it came out pretty nice.

This in Pokemon X and Y feel like choosing a profession that just starters (like RPG)
So i awlays pick mage than scouts or knights/warriors O_O tem Damage!

Photoshop CS3
Mechanic Pencil sketched
(c) Nintendo Delphox
(c) Artwork Renepolumorfous

:heart:He is also being featured here:… by GlitchxCity (Youtube)…  by Rajasegar Chandiran
Thanks a lot for featuring my Artwork!You are amazing!
And also thanks to everyone for the feedback!

Artwork by RenePolumorfousⒸ 2013

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© 2013 - 2021 RenePolumorfous
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Delphox is one of my favorite Fire Starter Pokémon since I chose Fennekin as my partner in Pokémon X. I personally like wizards myself and I prefer using magical projectiles coming from my staff or wand as my main source of attack whenever I play certain RPG games. Ironically, I'm glad that they made Delphox bipedal, especially since I didn't want Fennekin to evolve into another Ninetales. I Ike Ninetales, but it's good that they made them distinguish from each other, especially when they happen to be both Fire type foxes.
TfpBri's avatar
Looks amazing. Delphox is always great, sorta fell head over heels for delphox when I first saw the design. Still glad I went with it. Again the pic looks amazing.
ciaranstar's avatar
I feel a bit odd asking this, but... Can I use this picture on a roleplaying site, if I give credit?
Ophionyx's avatar
This is the best delphox I've ever seen :) delphox is my fave gen 6 pokemon, though I don't really know why xD
Amazing job!
RenePolumorfous's avatar
Thank you so much ^_^ 
Adanel's avatar
He's absolutely magnificent!!! *-*

The colours and effects are simply splendid, and I love how the fire is a bit blue-green at the end!

Hehe, there's a reason why female delphox are so rare! They aren't as cool and beautiful as males! ;)
RenePolumorfous's avatar
Thank you so much dear! Yeah male Delphoxes are a must! ~<3
Adanel's avatar
You're welcome!! =) Totally!!!^^ They look clearly like wise mages to me!
Flammifleure's avatar
Wow.This is breath-takingly gorgeous. Delphox is one of my favourite Pokémon, and I love the way you portrayed him!
RenePolumorfous's avatar
Flammifleure's avatar
You're very welcome. ^^
Arcticwolf0418's avatar
Wow it looks so different when you zoom in! Is this like some optical illusion? Awesome! Great job!
RenePolumorfous's avatar
thank you ^_^
what looks different when u zoom? o-o
ThatGuyWhoSleeps's avatar
Wow, I can't believe I didn't notice this before. Words fail to describe just how amazing this is...
cardmaster12's avatar
Makes me proud I chose fennekin :P GG
cardmaster12's avatar
GlitchXcity used this in her video... GG
RenePolumorfous's avatar
yep I know I Jumped out of my chair once I found out :D
cardmaster12's avatar
GlitchXCity used this in one of her videos, that's how good it is
MLPquang20-c's avatar
This screams the beauty of the Fire Mage within Delphox perfectly.
RenePolumorfous's avatar
Yeah I know!Some people dont like the design of Delphox so I made it a bit majestic just to show my point of view of this awesome pokeman <3 :3
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