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Anivia Cosplay

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Anivia Cosplay I did for super League of Legends event at Greece "Greek Legends"
On June 28-29!
Best event ever for me it was amazing!

Photos taken by my awesome friend :icongluka-kon:!

Cosplay took me 2 week about 6 hours everyday.
It's made out of cupboard ,paper, glue?Yep just that.
Coloring with Acrylics and Plastic Colors.

Hope you like it!It's kinda rare cosplay not many people choose to cosplay her meh...
I love Anivia is fun to play!
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thanks a lot!It was realy hard to make this one
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That's glorious @.@ I love your whole cosplay work already
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thanks a lot more soon :D
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I don't care for LoL much these days but this cosplay is awesome!
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thankies :3
same here I don't play this year just a few times I feel bored.
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Best cosplay of all~!
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aw stoph <3 :blush: chuii <3
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great!!!!!! epic! no words .__.
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This is amazing :O
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It's good to see a fellow Anivia cosplayer! Love all the details in the paint job. The only thing I would change are the eyes (from black to red)
I wish you weren't in Greece!(lol) It would've been great to meet up in our costumes! (I did the Team Spirit skin) 
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Aw yes I saw your work which is wonderful!Best Anivia on the internet at least because you choosed to make it animal like and not humanoid or human bird-princess like most do.The eyes are transperent red but you cant see it well if you dont put a light in the mask ,they will glow red.Glad you like mine aswell.Greece is kinda new in it's cosplay commiunity and I wish I wasn't living here but for different reasons.I wish we could meet up some day too.It will be awesome to photoshoot 2 Anivia cosplay together!
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Welcome buddeh. Oh do you still have your pony?
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