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kristherion bursting as always !!!

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A ton of great work you've created here! Thank you for sharing!

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Ernie and Bert kidnapping Wonder Woman?
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Wonder Woman is very sexy being unconscious... :horny: I hope to render soon some scene like this with my Melissa character as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman close to being caught by SleepingNymph
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WOW nazi theme and scooby doo WOW ! :)
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Very nice.  So many different characters...
I guess they're not a couple after all.
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I got to say this is weird and hilarious at the same time.
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Bert and ernie take their hostage to the stolen van
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Love this colored version, as well as the chloroform KO previously. Great series!
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I have so many questions...
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There is something bizarrely enticing about seeing Diana captured in these fantastical, silly ways.
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The dark side of Burt and Ernie...I can't even imagine the ABBOT AND COSTELLO'esque repartee here, but, I will try.
Terrific.  Would love to see more like this.
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This is so wild, I love it.  Sexy, and hilarious.
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Beautiful and Sexy shot~:heart:
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so much fun here 
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I love this.
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This is Delightfully Different!! I love it with all the different media mixed in

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I always knew Bert was evil
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