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Raichu Sewing Tutorial

Hi everyone and thanks for reading this tutorial :)

This time I wanted a nice big Raichu. I aimed for life-size but was shocked, that Raichu is actually 80 cm high D: Somehow it felt so wrong and in the end I made a smaller one.

Some rules first:
1.) do not claim to be the creator of this plushie-pattern! Giving me the credits would be nice :D
2.) do not make money out of this. It's a free tutorial so everybody can sew himself a Raichu if he like.
3.) When you are uploading your Raichu somewhere post a link to this tutorial, so people who like yours can do one themself ;D

I wanted the pattern to be easily to understand. Thats why I added some numbers and a color to every pattern
The meaning is like that:
(number from 1 to 22) = I used the numbers in the tutorial, so you know which pattern to use
x 2 = I think it's clear, but anyway: you have to cut out this pattern two times (or as many times the number says)
x 2/2 = here you have to mirror the pattern, so you need two parts from each side
O = the circle means that you have to sew this sides together
Color = I used the colors of the classic Raichu, so it's clear which part should have which color
dashed line = this part will be left out while sewing
x = when you use joints, the crosses mark the point where the two parts of the joint should conect
blue stribe = the pattern 15 and 19 weren't fitting on one DIN A4 page, so I had to cut them into two pieces. The blue stripe is where you must glue them together again

The whole pattern set can be found in my scrapsbook: [link]

Eye tutorial: [link]

When you have questions feel free to ask :D

Happy Raichu-Making everyone~
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otp4life's avatar
The link won't let me open it to see the pattern i need
robinscosplay's avatar
If I make everything twice as big will that work? Or will the scaling be off? 
CyrisDarkness's avatar
I'm not the creator of this pattern, but from my experience it shouldn't be a problem at all.
ShojoShonenOtaku's avatar
Hi, I know you posted this a few years ago but I wanted to ask if it was okay to use this pattern and modify it to make something else instead of a raichu. This pattern is amazing by the way, I'll probably make a raichu or jolteon soon to :)
samichesicecream's avatar
eltraumado's avatar
How much would you say you spent on materials for this?
genny03's avatar
Hinata-teh-Lefty's avatar
What size seam allowance did you use? In other words, how much off the sides did you sew? (ie, 1/4", 5/8", etc)
Hinata-teh-Lefty's avatar
Very nice Raichu! Thank you for the pattern and tutorial!
Hiraelle's avatar
Thank you for the pattern and tutorial :)
Here's the Raichu I made :…
MangaDedenne's avatar
You are awesome, the greatest part of people doesn't share their own tecniques!! Thank you so much!! :D
pans-eevee2012's avatar
I made a Dedenne using your pattern and some of my own editing… my very first plush ever!
Amanel-the-cosplayer's avatar
Thank you for an amazing tutorial and patterns! <3
I made Raichu as a gift for a friend.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
You're awesome!
Yumio-chan's avatar
Awesome pattern. 
Dragonsculpt's avatar
You are like the best human alive for making these paterns ;o alot of artists keep them private So thanks so much for making these <3
mamapokemon's avatar
That is amazing. By far the best pattern for pokemon I have seen.... I have been trying to find a Pikachu pattern since that is my sons favorite. Can you offer advice on how I can change this pattern to make Pika for my son?
Lottos35's avatar
my god, you're good at this
VegetaFan79's avatar
I used your wonderful pattern to make my precious Goodra from my game! thanks so much for this tutorial!…
Wolfbin's avatar
I'm totally making one of these for my boyfriend for Christmas, his favorite Pokemon is Raichu. I'd make it for his birthday, but I have like, five cosplays to finish before the end of September, and I'm only barely halfway done with two of them ^^;
please, could somebody tell me if the dot on 17 means that that's where the belly and chest go. i'm in the process of making mine and I really need to know no later than at least 2 days so I don't sew up the wrong side of the pattern to make the back.
Pseudoscops's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial !
Made a Raichu with that:…
Duskstar15's avatar
This is awesome! As soon as I learn how to sew, I'm gonna make this!
SplashinginHappyness's avatar
Beautiful result! Turning that tail must've been terrible. XD
AzraelFallen18's avatar
Is (2) part of the back of the head????
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