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Mudkip Sewing Tutorial



Hi everybody! Thanks for reading this tutorial :hug:
This is for everyone who loves Mudkip just like me :D

Some rules first:
1.) do not claim to be the creator of this plushie-pattern! Giving me the credits would be nice :D
2.) do not make money out of this. It's a free tutorial so everybody can sew himself a Mudkip if he like.
3.) When you are uploading your Mudkip somewhere post a link to this tutorial, so people who like yours can do one themself ;D

The pattern:

for the head: [link]
for the body: [link]

This pattern is for a ~21cm high Mudkip in a sitting position. Please keep in mind that the idea was to sew a baby Mudkip! Its comb, tail and cheeks are smaller than usually.

I wanted the pattern to be easily to understand. Thats why I added some numbers and a color to every pattern
The meaning is like that:
(number from 1 to 11) = I used the numbers in the tutorial, so you know which pattern to use
2x = I think it's clear, but anyway: you have to cut out this pattern two times (or as many times the number says)
2/2x = here you have to mirror the pattern, so you need two parts from each side
O = the circle on pattern (8) means, that you have to sew this sides together
Color = I used the colors of the classic Mudkip, so it's clear which part should have which color
dashed line = this part will be left out while sewing

Choise of fabric:
I would recommend to you to use a "soft" fabric. This Mudkip is a small plushie. When you use a fabric with a hard backside, like many plushs have, it can be difficult to sew.
For the cheeks you really should take a fabric that not unravel when left open. I myself use fleece or felt for something like that.

When you have questions, or my english is so bad, that you don't know what I'm typing about, please ask!
I know my english sucks....

Have fun while sewing and I hope there will be soon more Mudkips on DA!

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Hi sorry to bother you but I would love to make this cutie but it seems the pattern is gone can you please upload them again 

thank you