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April 3, 2011
Jolteon Sewing Tutorial by ~Renegar-Kitsune Suggesters Words: This is an amazing tutorial! Easy to understand, and very instructive, with an excellent pattern, resulting an amazing plush! I have never seen such an adorable Pokemon!
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Jolteon Sewing Tutorial

Hi everyone and thanks for reading this tutorial :)
This is my Christmas present to all my lovely watchers, plushie and Pokemon lovers and everyone else who stumbles across it :heart:

This time the tutorial features my favorite Eeveelution; Jolteon, but it would be easy to change it into another Eeveelution :)
I specially made my Poke OC Marron [link]

Some rules first:
1.) do not claim to be the creator of this plushie-pattern! Giving me the credits would be nice :D
2.) do not make money out of this. It's a free tutorial so everybody can sew himself a Jolteon if he like.
3.) When you are uploading your Jolteon somewhere post a link to this tutorial, so people who like yours can do one themself ;D

I wanted the pattern to be easily to understand. Thats why I added some numbers and a color to every pattern
The meaning is like that:
(number from 1 to 17) = I used the numbers in the tutorial, so you know which pattern to use
x 2 = I think it's clear, but anyway: you have to cut out this pattern two times (or as many times the number says)
2/2 = here you have to mirror the pattern, so you need two parts from each side
Color = I used the colors of the Jolteon, so it's clear which part should have which color

I completely forgot to mention it in the tutorial, but the plushie will be pretty big, from nosetip to butt around 70 cm long. He has the size of a small dog.
I used 150x100cm yellow fabric.

You should cut the seam allowance almost completely away after finishing the sewing. Especially then the seam forms a "V" you should cut between the arms of the "V" till you are almost cutting into the thread. When you exidantely damged it don't worry. Even when you find a howl after turning inside out you can just close it with ladder stitch. A howl is always better then not cutting enough :P

The pattern can be found in my scrapsbook: [link]

Here are the templates for the eyes and mouth: [link]

Eye tutorial: [link]

A good tutorial which explains the ladder stitch, with which you can attache things to each other: [link]

When you have questions feel free to ask :D

Happy Jolteon-Making everyone~
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I actually used this pattern once before, I even worked it to make a Lugia! This time Im going to be making an Eevee. Just wanted to say this is probably my absolute favorite pattern to use for cute plushies. I'm looking forward to using it for my next project. Out of all the other free patterns out there this one has got to the the best.

Luz-the-Witch's avatar
Crystire03's avatar
Im gonna try to make a Umbreon, and maybe a Jolteon later! The pattern is awesome!
samichesicecream's avatar
Thank you for the pattern. I made a shiny jolteon for my friend.
Shiny Jolteon Plush by samichesicecream
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FPDC's avatar
aw man this and the raichu are my favorite things !
Reno-Viol's avatar
^^  Thank you for help!!!
Reno-Viol's avatar
Please help me!
Where should I place the eye on the pattern? :S thank you!  (I'm going to embroider)
Dawning-Love's avatar
You want the eye corner to be about level with the top of nose and about an inch to an inch and a half from the seam. I can double check with my sylveon I made just to be sure if you'd like. ^^
DragouMare's avatar…
<sorry for polish ;A;> My first plush .w.
and very thanks for tutorial and pattern, you're the best bro ♥
giovsteph's avatar
Can someone help me with printing the pattern? i don't know what the size should be :s
Dawning-Love's avatar
It's huge! I had to scale mine down in photoshop to 40% and I still got a plushie that's about 14" tall.
loveablebunny's avatar
Thanks for the pattern! i was able to make the six tails kyuubi from it!…

Bree-Vixen's avatar
Thank you so much for the pattern and tutorial! You've solved my constant problem making a Meowclops plush from Neopets with this pattern. The head finally worked!
melpk's avatar
What an adorable pattern! So far I've made Sylveon and Umbreon: 

They're little babies! Instead of printing out the pattern I traced them straight from my computer and they turned out to be a very manageable size.
Thank you!
MysteryChick1's avatar
I was wondering if you could measure the length from the bottom of the front leg to the top of the head for me? I plan on making the pattern larger to make it life-size and a pokedex goes by height. So far I've only been able to find the length from nose to butt. Thank you.
melpk's avatar
I scaled them down for these, so they're actually much smaller than the original. But I'll give you all the numbers so you can do the ratio. Jolteon/Front foot to head is between 6 and 6.5 inches depending on how it's sitting. Front leg (inner) paw-to-belly is 3 inches. Nose to butt is 7 inches. Back, neck-to-butt is 4.75 inches.
MysteryChick1's avatar
Can I get by how much you scaled it down? Thank you!
Dawning-Love's avatar
I printed it out at 100% through Staples print and copy, it was way too big for me, so I reprinted at home at 40% and the plushie I made from it is about 14" tall sitting on his bum to the top of his head not including the ears. So I could roughly say that this would put it at about 30-32" tall at 100%.
melpk's avatar
I don't have that number
melpk's avatar
Well, I've now made all the Eeveelutions. If you'd like to see:

Sylveon: scribo-per-potestas.deviantart…
Umbreon: scribo-per-potestas.deviantart…
Espeon: scribo-per-potestas.deviantart…
Vaporeon: scribo-per-potestas.deviantart…
Jolteon: scribo-per-potestas.deviantart…
Flareon: scribo-per-potestas.deviantart…
Glaceon: scribo-per-potestas.deviantart…
Leafeon: scribo-per-potestas.deviantart…

 If I could recommend any adjustment after making so many, it would be to make the top (where the leg meets the chest) of piece (8) deeply concave, and to sew it pretty deeply into the chest. Otherwise the legs kind of splay all over the place and the doll falls flat instead of sitting up. That's what I did with Glaceon, the last one I made, and it sits really well. Out of all of them, actually, Vaporeon, Espeon, and Glaceon sit the best for whatever reason. I think that with Vaporeon and Espeon it's because the placement of their tails helps to prop them at just the right angle. 

(In case you're curious, no I don't have patterns of the adjustments I made. I kind of eyeballed them all.)

Thanks for the pattern!
Roween345's avatar
Roween345's avatar
thank you so much for this tutorial! i used it to make a Sylveon and its turning out great! think i will use the pattern to make the other eeveelutions too!
MlpBaseUser's avatar
Hai~! Just wanted to ask if you could possibly make a Sylveon tutorial???
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