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Untouchable beauty?
Sin titulo.
When I Awake -Part 1-
1 "When I awake, all is dark and silent.  There is no movement, and as such the only indication of consciousness is the disturbing lack of vivid sensation that accompanies my dreams.  The darkness envelops my mind and the silence is so profound that the soft beating of my heart seems to echo in the close boundaries of perception.  I can feel what seems to me to be a body, but how is it that I can know such things?  I wriggle what I think are my toes, but aside from my thoughts, how do I know that said toes even exist?  I sit up and touch them just to be sure.   Upon establishing the fact within my mind that I indeed have a body I try to mak
Reflecting Windows
Within my box of many windows, I can merely observe what lies outside. Violin strings vibrate through the night. Lights flicker continuously nearby. Angels and demons walk together, Each waiting for the other to trip. Arms reach out across the road, Hoping to lend a leaf at need. No one sees my hidden face, They're far too busy in their thoughts. The moon looks gorgeous in the dark blue sky, But they hear not the music, Nor do they see the pale rays. They're lost behind their own eyes, Two mirrors reflecting only their minds.
Seek and Ye Shall Find
Melted Image
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I am very honored to be your "random artist of the day" but I would like to know if there's something I have to do. I've never been choosen for something like that. =3 thank you for picking me, and I'll try not to let you all down!
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Well, no, there are no requirements for being our "random artist". If you would like to submit to our magazine here, you may, but that aside you don't have to do anything.
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well... do I have to pay if I submit something??
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I Sent it to the hotmail one.
Is there anyway i can send it to you through deviantart :confused:
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Are you sure? Well, maybe send it to our regular email at I'm sorry the submission isn't going through--I'm not sure what to tell you.
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Its okay now you sent me a confirmation email to say it had gone through and you would send me a screen print when it was ready =]

Thank you.