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Hyper Scootaloo

Kids can often seem to have inexhaustible reserves of energy especially in the eyes of an adult. And Scootaloo is simply bursting with pep when it comes to lending a hoof to Rainbow Dash even if it's just to take out the trash. I just wish I had a little helper to get these automata done sooner!

Scootaloo and the stand are carved out of Philippine mahogany while the gears are made out of narra hardwood. She's hand painted in enamel and protected with flat lacquer. Scootaloo stands at 3 1/2" while the entire piece measures 5 3/4" high, 2 1/2" wide, and 4 3/4" long. Everything took 71 1/2 hours to make.

See her jump up and down for TEN HOURS ON YOUTUBE! (kidding, it's just around a minute and a half)
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I think I would be content watching that video loop for ten hours. Absolutely fantastic.
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This would be awesome for Pinkie Pie!
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Aahaha, this is so awesome. :)
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I must admit I'm little a dissapointed by the lack of wing flutter...^^; But who am to criticize, I could never make things like this.
It's awesome regardless. :)
renegadecow's avatar
I only meant for them to wiggle/vibrate like they did in that particular scene.
Inurantchan's avatar
Ohh, I clearly don't know the scene then. ^^; My bad.
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ten hour remix lol 
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Your work always leaves me amazed. These automatons are so cool. And I love the little "clop" sound it makes when she lands. That worked out well.

What happens if you turn the crank in reverse? Does the figure get animated in reverse? On this one, that wouldn't matter much, but it would be amusing to see Applejack buck apples back into the tree.
renegadecow's avatar
Some of them work in reverse, but others will hang up on some places and isn't recommended. Take that apple bucking Applejack for example, the incoming apple can fold the hanging apple on the tree inwards causing a jam.
Hoopus's avatar
I see. I hope nobody has broken one of your automatons by jamming it. Are jams easy to fix?
renegadecow's avatar
I don't think so, but in any event you can just turn it the other way around to free it I guess.
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Awesome as always! Love your work!
HuffytheMagicDragon's avatar
10 HOURS!? now that's what I wanna SEE!!! :soldier: 
renegadecow's avatar
I'm not actually sure how to do that on Youtube though.
HuffytheMagicDragon's avatar
leave your computer on for hours for video processing that's how lol
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It must be pretty difficult to make sense out of their 2D shapes and turn that into a believable 3D form with these sculptures.
renegadecow's avatar
It takes some practice, and a lot of nitpicking.
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AHHHH, she's so adorable!  :la:
So happy and bouncy!
Absolutely awesome work, sir!
Thank you so much!  =D
renegadecow's avatar
I'm glad you like her.
DeadParrot22's avatar
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aaaaawwwwww!!!!!! it's so cuuutee!!!!
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