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Commander Lightyear

Another Pixar character, video game crossover done for fun.
Buzz as Commander Shepard in Mass Effect.
Might do a series of these, have a few ideas already.
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Commander Lightyear: "To infinity, to beyond!"

However he had unfortunate accident while saying that, so he could not join Andromeda Initiative.

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We'll bang to infinity and beyond ok.
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Insert Buzz Lightyear joke
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Wow, such a befitting crossover. Buzz is ready to take down some mo'foes!!! Neko Emoji-25 (Cool) [V2] 
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Oh my god you good sir! You have the most brilliant art you have in you collection.
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These crossovers of yours are amazing!
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I've killed toys like Stinky Pete on my way to REAL problem children.
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I'm Commander Lightyear and this is my favoirite crossover in the internet.
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Stole my reference. Good man.
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To the Omega rele and beyond!
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"I should go... to infinity and beyond!"
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Makes this even better when going by Mass Effect rules, Buzz can totally be gay. :XD:
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ok uhhh im speechless XD
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lol Buzz Shepard. :D
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I love the concept, but for me, I absolutely love that expression.
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I thought this up once, actually.
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Dude, I just thought of this yesterday, "How cool would it be to see Buzz in N7 armor?" Well my wish came true and I love how you did it, awesome job my friend
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Oh my God this is amazing! *___*
The idea is awesome, I also like your other works and find this interesting.
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Thanks so much.
Glad you like it.
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