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Superman WIP

Here u got a SUPERMAN WORK IN PROGRESS ,hair and skin textures coming soon, hope u likeit , i have tooons of fun doing this on my free time , thanks to my dude Luis Alejandro Albarracin Silva for letme in on this proyect :) WAUT for the final versión people ;)

Un Superman que me ha divertido enormemente diseñar para mi buen amigo colombiano Alejandro Albarracin , de Colombia , este personaje lo estamos haciendo por mera diversión en nuestros ratos libres , esperen la versión final donde se mejorará la textura y el cabello.

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wuaaaa muy bueno tu super, esta muy vacano....y lo modelaste en z brush?
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Totally awesome!
Love the new costume too.
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This is Epic Man!
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at first, i didn't like the new design of his costume, but i'm really starting to like it :) This is the superman of the new 21st century!
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You are my hero. This is the most awesome work I have ever seen. this would be great in a movie. Magneficent.
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Love this pic~ Great!!
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simplemente wow lol
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Así se va a ver el traje de Man of Steel, verdad?
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Qué software estás utilizando para esta figura? Siempre he querido iniciarme en modelado en 3D, pero no sé qué softwae usar...
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te quedo de lujo! está hecho en Maya?
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Not a huge fan of this costume design but you make it look good.
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You deserve some type of High that is Five!!
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i would LOVE to see a full animated feature like this!
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se ve genial super man asi:love:
This is amazing! Do you plan on doing a New 52 suited version? I'd like to see that too, personally
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This is excellent. You really captured the costume for the new Man of Steel movie they are making.
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Gran trabajo de parte de ambos!
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probably one of the best models of Superman I've ever seen. Hell of a job. Like to see one with the old costume
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