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Realistic Pokemon: Houndoom

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1/3 of my favourite fire types (non legendary). Decided to go for the Hellhound look rather than a Doberman with horns and chains.
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Much better rendition than official images, though I still wish the Ears were kept. 8-)
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ReneCampbellArtProfessional General Artist
Thankyou, but Houndoom doesn't have external ear pinna (you might be confused with Houndour)
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Nah, it's that in some cases of modification, the Ears could be added like some artists do for craftiness. 8-)
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ReneCampbellArtProfessional General Artist
Oh I see! I personally see Houndour's ears as horn nubs that make the transition into Houndoom make more sense. While I took liberties with this design I generally try not to add or take any features away from the original Pokemon artwork :)
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That's fine enuff. Or perhaps his Ears are too small or "destroyed" to see or sumtin. :B
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Pokedex: Houndoom, the Dark Pokemon, if you are burned by its flames from its mouth, the pain will never go away.

So, what if you order a houndoom to use flamethrower on a trainers pokemon, does that mean the pokemon will still feel the pain, even after going to the pokemon center?
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ReneCampbellArtProfessional General Artist
No idea - the PokeDex has absolutely ridiculous notions like how Magcargo is hotter than the surface of the sun and Pidgeot flies at Mach 2 speeds, but I doubt it seems the Pokecentre technology seems to fix medical trauma that otherwise would easily kill organisms as we know it.
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Plus, almost every single time someone battles with a charmander, against a geodude or squirtle is putting it's potential life on the line because, in every game's pokedex, it states.

"When charmander's flame goes out, it dies"
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PinkapopStudent Digital Artist
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XSamuraiEdgeXHobbyist Digital Artist
what i wouldn't give to fave this five times XD
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Your art gives me life
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Now this does look like a hound from doom.
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ShyGuyWolfHobbyist Interface Designer
well Houndoom was inspired by the Hellhounds. this is great.
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Usually I get pissed when I see "Realistic Pokemon" but this guy's stuff is awesome.
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Bet the poor thing gets terrible heartburn, least it is easy access for surgery.
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JGiraffeDesignProfessional General Artist
Every time I see one of your realistic pokemon I find myself shouting (literally) OH THAT MAKES SENSE. You're a huge inspiration and I just found your work 5 minutes ago.
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CleanClear777Professional Artist
Cerberus with one head & horns of a ram
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UltimateCluckinbell General Artist
Wow your houndoom is so AWESOME I wish I could have a houndoom that looks like this
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My doberman can't be this badass
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SirMedieHobbyist Digital Artist
its so good, im dying ._. :)
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This is absolutely amazing!
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love it! one of the best representations of my all time favorite pokemon.
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