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Realistic Pokemon: Garchomp

I love Garchomp; it's a Dragon, Shark, Jet Plane. Obviously I didn't make it look like a jet plane here, nor did I go all out with the shark aspects. I also when with pterosaur anatomy for the wings/fins.
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Garchomp is SO amazing! I love him, too. However, this is probably the first-ever time I've seen him realistic. Anyway, I USED to like Charizard, but ever since I've seen his Mega Evolution when he's Charizard X, I instantly hated him, because now his black and blue colors match that of Alain's. I was SO ANGRY when I found this out when I watched the XYZ series on Cartoon Network. Anyway, when I got Pokken Tournament, I tried out Suicune and Charizard. I liked them both, but I didn't really enjoy using Charizard because he kept losing health each time you used his fire attacks, like Flare Blitz and Fire Punch, including another Fire-type move that he uses that makes him lose precious health. Instead I chose Garchomp and I instantly fell in love with him the moment I tested him out, making him my official partner Pokémon. Anyway, I really don't enjoy the female version of Garchomp, the one that Cynthia has, because to me, that just tells me that the creators love female Garchomps more than the males and I only saw one male when Alain was fighting against Remos in the Lily of the Valley conference. Anyway, ever since I've used this pseudo-legendary, this Pokémon has been my main powerhouse ever since in Pokken Tournament. I've destroyed everyone in the game, including the people who helped me power up the Synergy Stone, Shadow Mewtwo, the League Masters, the Grand Master and Champion. I had Pokken Tournament for Wii U but I'm very happy that Garchomp returns for Pokken Tournament DX for Switch, because now I can use him again to beat down my opponents! 

PS: I am SO MAD that Garchomp's not in Sword and Shield and that sixty-percent of the Pokémon got cut for the game. The only one staying in the game is Charizard, which I'm not too happy about. I almost wanted to cry when I found out that my favorite Land Shark Pokémon wasn't going to be in the game. I knew there was a good reason for me to not get the game and just go with Pokken Tournament DX. I also heard that when they make the next Pokémon game, the old Pokémon aren't even going to be featured in it.