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Realistic Pokemon: Flygon

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I love Dragons so drawing Flygon was easy; I referenced house fly characteristics to help add that insect feel to Flygon without going overboard.

A few hours, Photoshop + Tablet. Now time to do Haxorus and Garchomp!
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I love flygon!!!! You did a great job! Do you use guidelines? The circles.
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Guidelines? I drew this completely free-hand, if that's what you mean :)
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You did? That's amazing! I don't use them either. You should keep doing this, I love it. ^_^
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Now I've seen a few realistic versions of flygon, either more in the lizard direction or more insectoid but never have they hit the middle between the two so perfectly as your picture. Especially the wings look really awesome with the half-translucent greeen windows. The long antennae are great, too. What a wonderful picture! :clap:
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Thanks! I find overly insect or reptilian versions a bit off the mark, so I tried to incorporate characteristics of both.
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well, you certainly succeeded in that :D I guess being so exact about the different elements of the design comes with being a biologist, huh?
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My absolute favorite aspect of its design, as silly as it may seem, are the tiny hairs that run down its spine. Now -that- shows some wonderful creativity. Faved it, of course! Keep up the amazing work!!!
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No I'm so glad you picked up on the setae! They're super important for touch and wind vibrations. I realised Flygon would certainly need them to fly amongst wing currents in the dessert and capture potential prey. Thanks for the kind words :)
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As both a student of biology and evolution and also a massive pokemon fan, I have to say this is the best realistic flagon I have seen yet, and one of the best realistic pokemon to boot! You managed to keep it reptilian but also give it some insectoid characteristics, and the wings make perfect sense. They look like insect wings, but are clearly membranous, like a dragon's should be. Bravo to you!
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EWW A FLY! Oh wait, it's just a beautiful Flygon drawn by you. :)
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So cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !
Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge DogeDoge Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge 
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Now I want Pokémon to exist in the real world!!!!
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wow!! finaly!!! someone make him look like a dragon!!!
(cause it is a bug type everyone is saying its a giant bug 0-0)
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Flygon isn't actually a Bug Type, it's Dragon/Ground :) And thanks!
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yeah i was like searching for flygon after i post this comment and i saw Dragon/Ground so then i was like .. Omg what did i say...
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I love all the detail in the wings! this is what I imagine Flygon would look like in real life, and he looks super cool!
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Omg I love your art style
this is killer
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Yours are the best realistic Pokémon I've ever seen. Of coarse, your competition is a tortoise photoshoped blue with cannons cut and pasted to its shell. But still super good! :D (Big Grin) 
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As with most other commenters on this piece, I too see artists going either all draconic or all insectiod with their designs. This piece however is a good balance between the two, and I must say I love it to pieces. Realistic headcanon accepted!!!
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I love this flygon. You made one of the best realistic ones I have ever seen! I would love to see a shiny version of this someday! Thank you for showing off this wonderful picture. <33
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Quite a perfect combination of insect and reptile, I really like those external eye covers and the wings are especially great, perfect blend of classic insect wings and actual arms.
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Quite the looker...but some thing about that eye doesn't look like it fits but it might just be my phone.
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