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Dragon's Foliage


Acrylic painting of the leafy sea dragon (Phycodurus eques)
Acrylic on canvas (40 cm x 30 cm)
Primary photo reference by Tony Brown 

I don't know why this took so long to paint on and off. Probably because it's been ~7 years since I last painted with acrylic on canvas. I made many silly mistakes constantly during the painting process. But hey, learnt a lot!

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I've seen them in the Oceanografic in Valenicia and I fell in love with the sea dragons. Wonderful creatures. And your painting is just as fabulous as they are! :heart:

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Thanks so much, I'm glad you have been able to see them. I have dived with them and they are stunning animals, and the marine emblem for my State :)
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I envy you for being able to dive with them. And I'm sure they make a great emblem, too :D

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So beautiful, just wow!
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Good morning friend, sooooo beautiful!!!!!!.
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I love acrylics, this is so awesome :D
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I remember seeing leafy sea dragons in person for the first time. Almost had to convince myself the thing was an animal and not a plant. This is an excellent painting.
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Yep, totally missed my first few when diving also. Thankyou!
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Wonderful painting, you put so much great details in it.
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