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Next pages, 12 & 13 99% finished! 
Page 14-17 sketches finished!
Another news for :iconcud-kyun:'s commission.
I got some RL stuff rly busy lately! >.< Please wait a little more longer so i can finish the commissions. ;)

Pages 6, 7, 8 delayed cuz me and Shenira caught cold~ @_@
Pages 9, 10, 11 sketches has been finished now in progress of lineart.
Manga script chapter 1 & 2 100% completed, chapter 3 90% completed

Page 1,2 submitted!
Page 3,4 in progresss
Manga script chapter 1 100% completed, chapter 2 90% completed

Sub cover & Chapter 1 cover submitted!
Pages 1,2 in progress
Manga script chapter 1 50% completed

Ok, start from now ima follow krystlekmy's way for writing journal lol. xD Updating little by little just like writing on FB lol. Sooo,, the update now came from my original manga, Reverted World. The sketching has begun! :D Just wait A LITTLE MORE til we finally submitted the pages~ 
Other updates came from my real life. I got several 'friends' IRL. None of them are true tho.. xD But somehow they are good for my entertainment lol. And im quite enjoy it. In other side, now i have found my true life with the people i realy love. They are my cousins. Now i just wanna be a good big sister for them.. ^_^
And the last update came from my other project. I started another craft project other than plushies. I dont know how i will schedule my time anymore but becuz this is my hobby so im sure i can make it somehow lol. Cuz now i have seriously decided my career as an artist~ =P
Aaanndd the realy realy last ooneeeee,,,,, ima check ur deviations as soon as i get a free time~ XD Hope it's soon xD Cuz i rly wanna take a little time to appreciate those arts youve made. :)

Thanks for everyone who keep supporting me til today! 
Heartcha guys! :heart: :hug:
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icefrosty Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
The world is a music and you're one of those nice notes. :P
renealexa Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks~ ^__^ Im sure you and every one of us also included in the "nice notes" ~ :)
krystlekmy Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Oh, i didn't know you followed my journal method, LOL! XD Yeah, it's better than multiple journals for the month XD
Oh, new hobby - craft project? =3 
renealexa Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah i know ~ XD Thats why i follow your way~ XD
Yeap~ :D Other hobby but maybe i will not create it much as much plushie. xD
It's still a secret! :D Gonna publish on FB when i started to create it! ^^
krystlekmy Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
hahaha XD I don't mind coz you're my close friend :huggle:
OOOh okay. looking forward to it :w00t:
renealexa Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Teheeee~ thank youuhhh~ :heart:
Okaii!! :hug:
krystlekmy Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
nya, you're welcome, my dear best friend :hug: :heart:
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