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Yo guys on DA!

How are you?! Its been so long since the last time i posted a journal. Yeah as the title said.. Reality shits coming up on my way lately lol.. ^^; Thats the reason why my manga got delayed, my commissions also delayed, got no inspiration for drawing.. Real life such a damn distraction! >_< CURSE U! QAQ
And the bad news is, im just feeling like telling you all of them so be prepared to leave if u dont like reading long journal lol..

1. I got friends. Lot of them. Ppl that gets the same goal with me. Its hard to be explained in words tho what r they like but.. im feeling good when i was staying with them. :) This is the first time im feeling real life somehow better lol... Also, i got a friend.. i mean.. best friend maybe.. I spent alot of time with him.. Somehow when i was talking with him, everything is better. And he just has this weird ability to cheering up people. :) He is also an otaku so.. its fun to talk with him. We're speaking the same "language". xD But talking with him, makes me forget the time. We spent much time together sometimes til morning haha.. So, its obviously one of the top reason why i was late for my projects and works.. ==;

2. I have a crush. With someone (This person is diffrent with my "best friend" lol). Yeah.. the REAL one this time guys.. xDD Well yeah. I dont know this is a good news or bad news. Since the last time i had a crush it was a disaster lol ~ ^^; But it seems this time it wont do. Because the guy i fell for is rly quiet. He is  a 'cool' type lol. And this is why Rene couldnt do anything than just starrin at him lol. Cuz Rene is a 'cool' type too. (But warning! : very over attatched when we've gotten know each others lol) I dont know much about him yet. Thats make me kinda not-sure with this feeling. Buut well.. i dont know what will happened next so just.. heads on~ xD The problem is,.. somehow.. lately i met him often when i hang out with my friends... and that makes me.... uhh.. >///////< well yeah.. hahaha ~ >/// w \\\ < Overthink. Maybe(?) SO, u can blame him for this shitty feeling that slowed down my art business stuff.. =__=; yeah blame him lol. That stupid senpai.. who will never notice me ~ =P

3. My cousins. Yeah~ They r just grown up bigger ~ Haha older i mean.. and bigger ofc lol. One of them just loves acting weird and it took my time for babysitting her lol. For other four, they are fine and kicking! But still, i just wanna spare some time for them as their sister. ^^ Ofc that will take my time for art abit (not much) , so yeah.. this is one of the cause. BUT dont count this ~ I do this cuz i love them~ :heart:

4. You know what otakus doin when they got a bad day?! Such like.. confusing, over-worrying, had a crush... THEY GAMING! OAO Lol i did. The game i played was Osu! Anybody knows? XD ive stopped play that game since last year, but within last two weeks i just boosted my level in the game just by playing normal-hard mods. U know what? Its crazy to know i got very great accuracy even in hard mod because i was in such confusing situation. XD But yesterday finally i decided to stop playing cuz i got my head dizzy lol. Thats my limit. Once i got my head dizzy ima go throw up and couldnt eat. Now i just 50% recover so.. i need 1-2 more days to regain my normal energy lol. Yeah blame Osu.. xD

5. My last year job came back baby ~ I got recruited again, back to my old position as char designer, pixelist, and animator ~ This time for Lexus and Barney advertisement! So excited! :D This is my last reason why 30% of my time got reduced for doing my personal project.

Ok, so im done throwing my bunch of excuses why my personal projects got delayed. But ima telling you that im not gonna stop like this forever. Ima work on my manga project soon, continue the commission, and my works. Because when i said ima do it, then ima do it! And i got thousand more reason why i have to do it. I just need time to reduce my activities IRL back to normal again. And i need to find how lol..

So thats all about me these months recently~ XD
What about you guys? =P

Rene ~ <3
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Submitted on
October 28, 2015