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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

House Martell is the one of the most powerful houses of the south. Led by Doran Martell, the prince of Dorne, House Martell remained loyal to the Targaryens until the very last.
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For some reason or another I imagine dornish knights looking more like cataphracts or middle-eastern knights due to sheer heat of the dornish deserts.
I like this. Finally somebody showing the Dornish in some plate. 
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So this is the House "Hammer". Nice ^^
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these are some seriously epic scene's!
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House Martell at the moment my favorite House.
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heck yes, definitely my favorite kingdom from asoiaf! awesome piece!
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Well, this just got a favourite for very obvious reasons :P
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I am just in love with your works. You have captured the Dornish Marches very well (at least in my mind) and how epic is that flying banner with the speared sunburst of House Martell? Unbowed. Unbent Unbroken. My favorite House words.
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I love this one with the army ready in the background
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:iconloveloveplz: This is so awesome!
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Beautiful work!
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It's a fantastic job, I really like your style. However, as fan i'd have to nitpick a bit(sorry), to me this doesn't seem like Doran Martell, the prince of Dorn, Dornish use scale armour with round shields. This might be Lewyn Martell, of the kings guard who come to take control of the 10,000 donnishmen during the war of the usurper but wouldnt he have something white on him?
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When Oberyn came to Tyrion offering to be his champion against Gregor Clegane I was overjoyed ... you can only imagine my disappointment when he failed to stay alive AND kill Clegane ... it was so frustrating I stopped reading for the day.
I'm about 1/4 through A Feast for Crows now ... I'm happy GRRM is finally talking more about Dorne.
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Beautiful painting! I reminds me a bit of New Zealand, region of Canterbury in South Island ^^
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Thank you for letting us feature your Amazing work! :iconfantasyfans101::iconshuffelinplz:
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Honestly I love this house! My favorite besides the Starks. Truthfully I think the Targaryens should have kept the throne...they were cool....and had dragons
Loves Starks.
Thinks Targs were cool. ಠ_ಠ
Reevaluate your life.
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Very nicely done!
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