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The Rightful Queen

Finally, back to the "A SOng of Ice and Fire" universe. I know some of my watchers eagerly anticipated my return to that topic, so here's to you people. Thanks for your support and kind words.

This took me about 10 hours and I could've spent 10 more on the damned throne, but there you go.

Here are two detail shots:



I used references from Marcus Ranum's excellent stock here on dA for the poses:
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Its alright not too original try to be creative and come up with your own designs art is all about creativity then the technique there are so many people who can replace you easily in the industry if you are just aiming for technique.. be creative honey
rus-chel's avatar
Dany...and whom?
Please, tell me
MadameCasse-Pieds's avatar
I love the work you did with the light, the contrasts give a very mysterious, almost sacred, atmosphere to the scene ; and the Iron Throne looks great !
Legion1a's avatar
Cool - we can but hope :)
Nxriot's avatar
Your beautiful Artwork has been featured in my Journal [link] :dalove:
RoMin-ah's avatar
Beautiful! The lighting and details are breathtaking! :wow:
MikkiCrossCC's avatar
I think the all work is just amazing!
And i love that there's Jorah in the backgroud, always at Daenerys's side.

At the beginning i thought that one of the girls was Melisandre, but i guess it's my weird mind XD
crazy-fruit's avatar
Dany looks a bit strange but the light is awesome!
Great that you're back at the ASOIFIUniverse.
jables97's avatar
amazing i love this!! ^___^
Deepwallow's avatar
Heck yeah, game of thrones! :iconmariodanceplz:
biffyc7's avatar
Dany looks like a real bitch in this one
The whole work is impressive, but I've got a question on the plot itself.
Okay, Dany with Jorah. But who are these girls with dragon eggs?
Irri and Jhiqui.

It is known.
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impressive!!! amazing work on the throne
The amount in which this is awesome can not be measured by the worth of those eggs.
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Yes, I would have been a Targaryan loyalist. Nicely done.
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