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The Iron Islands

The Iron Islands, dominion of House Greyjoy. A conglomerate of mostly barren islands set out at the Iron Sea, the islands make their inhabitants grim and indifferent to the cold and wet of the sea.
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You captured the gloominess of Pyke really well. I like that most of the warmth is coming from the ship - their most prized possessions. 
Game of Thrones - you play with lights - it's wonderful ! love it
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The light emanating from the ship- especially lovely!
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Values, Colors, Composition, atmosphere it's all great really, I'm Fascinated By all of your work. they're all great.  but isn't the Perspective in this drawing a little bit wrong? the right vanishing point must be moved to the right and the upper corner of the wall must be moved down. Sorry If I'm Wrong man :))) It's just A question of begginer artist :)
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Love the perspective on this! Great work.
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Absolutely stunning!
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I'm still not farmilar with all the sets of Game of Thrones lol to many characters and sets to remember them all, but wow this is exquisite.
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WOW..JUST WOW....watched your tutorial on youtube and just..blown away
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I love your ASOIAF works! :)
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Man, say that your work is magnificent is not enough !
ReneAigner... I must say that you are the most impressive artist on deviantart. I love A Song Of Ice and Fire and you do the absolute best job of bringing Westeros to life. Thank you.
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speechless, this is so impresive!you are great artist.
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i love this piece. I came across your name here: [link] Thank you for being on DA. I'll be watching your gallery.
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It looks epic. I can climb that.
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I really enjoy looking at this picture. The ?viking styled ship? adds a nice warm aspect to the the cold and rough rest.
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i love the mood this sets with the time of day and the fire effect. is this based on a book or series? please share...excellent work!!!
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It's based on a fantasy series called A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
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