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The City of Asshai

One of the three illustrations I created for "The World of A Song of Ice and Fire".…
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Hi there.  I was wondering if I could possibly use this image for a youtube video about asshai.
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I love the mystery and foreboding of this; I would love to know more about Asshai by the Shadow. Your illustration of it really brings it to life and fits what I was imagining for the place. =)
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You can imagine the time I opened the guide-book and found your arts inside :onfire:
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Incredible. I love the way you use colours to create a creepy ambiance.
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This is incredible. Asshai has always perplexed me--spoken of, but no information ever really given. This picture is so captivating and makes me want to learn more about this shadowy city. 
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reminds me a little bit of Assassin's Creed. i think it's the vaguely Middle Eastern-like architecture and the dark, snowy setting--it's kinda like how Masyaf was shown during the Renaissance in AC:Revelations
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Very cool. I hope we get to actually see Asshai at some point.
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I like the ominous setting. 
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Epic scene. Nice effect of fog/clouds on the mountains
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Now that amazing! Superb.
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One of my favorite artworks of the book ! Great job !
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Eerie, like a sunken, looted and burnt Venice.
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Beautiful work, very eerie feel to it. I love the lighting.
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My favorite illustration in the book.
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Realistic mood! Makes you believe you are really there.
What brushes did you use for this painting?
I an a novice in digital painting, hopefuly I will be as good as you. Always have a lot of respect for nature painters!

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This is my favorite artwork of the whole book, you've done an amazing job!
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