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Still into generic SciFi speed paintings. This one took about one hour.
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So simple and lovecraftian at the same time

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Love this piece, absolutely mesmerizing!<3 
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Can I use this a a prompt for a short story? Its mysterious nature has my imagination swirling.
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Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick would be proud.
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Wow, awesome work :) 
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"Generic", my farts!
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This is very mysterious hmmm
screenscan's avatar
f+cking amazing
especially the light inside the lith
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How it is isolated makes it feel... powerful...
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Very cool. I like the play of hot and cold colours.
This is the stuff I want to do. You make it looks so easy.
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What program did you use?
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this is SO COOL!
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dun dun dun dun~

This is so pretty! I love the contrast of color and all the little details. Excellent composition also. Well done. :clap:
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Waw O.o ! seems both peaceful and powerful... very stunning composition !
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What a wonderful picture. OK, the monolith is not as outlandish as the one in 2001, but it is very beautiful with these blue lightning veins!
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infinate tme and space
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Ooh, I like this concept. :)
It's like Dune and 2001: A Space Odyssey mixed together!
The colours of the desert look terrific here!
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Great Work .. :D ..
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