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Fortress of Lost Souls

Started out as a concept for "Winter's Keep" but developed into a more sinister and eerie direction.
Usually I'd spend an hour or so more on something like this, but I'm fed up with this for some reason. So It's done now =)
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This picture gave me a shiver down my back, really great atmosphere.
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mystical! love your work.
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Brilliantly eerie. What lurks in that dark keep?
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Killer painting, I really love the mood of this one.
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Heh it is EXACTLY the I pictured Dol Gudor in JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit... :3 :iconloveloveplz:
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It sure looks the part :) "The dead watche's", excellent piece
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Beautiful... Really inspiring because of its eerie atmosphere!
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Insane. I feel like I've just lost my own ability to do art.. all of a sudden. I haven't been able to do anything at all lately. D:
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We all feel like that sometimes. Some more often than others. We all have bad days. The important thing is to push through it and never stop practicing. That's all there is to it! Even though it's easier said than done.
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Excellent palette, and a great composition with a very mysterious and ominous atmosphere! :clap:
Well done! :D
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LOVE it! Makes me think of Weathertop in LOTR.
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Wunder, wunder, WUNDERschön. Deine Bilder hauen mich jedes mal aufs neue um, wünschte ich hätte dein Können. :)
Danke fürs beglücken mit solch prachtvollen Meisterwerken :iconlubplz:
This is an amazing landscape. As scary as it looks I'd be tempted to take a long walk down such a road.
Great work!
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beautiful! :D
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Your work is featured ♥

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