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This is how I imagine a Targaryen guard; blackened steel plate armour, red and black livery. The helmet is a cross between medieval and roman armour.
Glad to get back to ASOIAF =)
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Everything about this is beautiful. The city in the back ground slightly out of focus because of the dusty haze and the clouds. I love the armor and the helmet plume. The guard looks very regal.
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Everything about this is beautiful. I love the armor and the helmet plum, very regal.
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That's a great scene
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Incredible. Would LOVE to see more of these, especially with the helms as described in the series.

The Hound literally wears a helmet shaped like a growling dog's head, for example.
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Very cool image thanks
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Wow... just wow! I love the feel of open expanse!
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What does the Comet mean? ;)
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"The red comet means one thing boy, Dragons" :)
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Wow. This painting i perfect. And I don't even know what a targaryen guard is. But anyways. Awesome job :D
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:clap: I really really like this! Well done and thank you for posting it. :hug:
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Fantastic job :'D I love the detail on the guard that fades to vague on the background
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just... beautiful!
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Amazing work man! Looks kinda a medieval spartan!
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I thought that was yours when I saw the thumbnail :)
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Rainbow Dash is too awesome to stay in her own universe!

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This is wonderful! The armor looks realistic and the structure of the ground is nice. I think his head is on the small side though...
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if you imagine the armor gone, the head is actually the right size. It's just steel plate armor is so bulky, and they dont bulk the helmet up as much since it would really strain the neck. So it makes sense. :D
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i would have thought, the steel helmet would make the head look bigger... so the proportions would be pretty much back to normal. I once wore such a thing. It has a thick layer of leather so to not harm the skin. For this reason it is quite a bit larger than the actual head size.
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