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Digital Painting Tutorial with Video


I've been asked to do a tutorial on landscape painting a few times.
So I recorded this video, sped it up and then commented on it. I though 18 minutes would be ample, but it turned out to be a very short time, so I only got to mention a few things- if you like this type of video, I'll probably do more soon.
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there isn't the video

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the video  is unavailable :(
where is the video???
where's the video gone? 
what happened with the video? :(
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This looks amazing man you have a new watcher man and anyone who is interested in checking out my work please do I'm new in deviant and in digital so I would love some support. If like my stuff please watch and support my deviant and again man this landscape looks wonderful.
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Whhaaaaaaat. Wanted to learn. TT__TT
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The link is not working buddy. :(
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Amazing work :heart: Such a shame this tutorial isn't available anymore, but I made something inspired with your work anyway. It's here:…
I hope you don't mind!
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I love your work, it is very beautiful! But the video tutorial is unavailable...
Video doesn't seem to be available at the youtube link.  Hopefully Rene can repost it!
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Oh no, I really would have wanted to see this tutorial but the link is down. :( I hope to see it some day.
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the link is down =(
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This was very helpful, hearing your thought process as you work. Thanks for posting this! 
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just looking at this is a treat
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This is so beautiful, thank you. I love the video and the commentary with it; I hope to see more :)
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Your video has helped me so much, and actually got me out of my artist block, even if only for today x3 beautiful, beautiful this piece is. It is stunning. If this isn't weird, your voice was easy to listen to also, I've had the problem of peoples voices annoying me, for some reason xD Thank you for posting!
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I really like how you painted the rocks. May I ask what tool you used to colour the rocks? I think it was a sort of selection tool. Also, how do you select the sky's as a reflection and place it on the selected parts of the rocks?

Thank you! And absolutely amazing work. :)
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I watched the video on this! Yoru art is AMAZING!
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This video was amazingly helpful! You touched on key points and general mistakes that so many of us make, I am so thankful you made this tutorial.
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I saw the video and I can say it is quite inspiring ! You had lots of very good tips that I tried to put in practice. :3

I would simply love to know was brush settings you used for the fog. Any special technique ?
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