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Disney's Tron's Trinity

By Rene-L
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Disney's Tron Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman envisioned as the Tron's Characters for the Contest SM-WW Go Disney [link]
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I feel like drawing this. I think it would come out better if it was redrawn and then colored using the Tron Effect at the end.
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Go for it, I'll love to see it.
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Okay, I'll let you know when it's done! :-)
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That's even better then mine :)
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Thanks, yours looks nice too
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Work on a Tron-Supergirl :superman:
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Sounds like a tricky one
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Dare you, make it sexy.
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of course you make it look sexy! tyour wonder woman after all dear :3 ahahah this looks AMAZING! ^^
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wonderwoman could of used a bit more tron a bit less reality love superman and batman. got any others tronified?
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There is a female Green lantern also.
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DC is already doing tron.
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Quorra is Wonder Woman. And Tron is Superman? That would leave Kevin as Batman? Or is that backwards?
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Thanks, still did not win but got a nice gift from the founder of the group
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superman's helmet looks a littlenlike judge dredd's, still awesome concept.
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Oh Yeahhhh!!! THIS is just AWESOME!!!!! :D
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great picture croosver, looks really cool
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very clever idea!
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Rene-L, we posted up the results of the judging. This piece was very sleek and actually very stunning. The competition was tough but we were kind of looking for chemistry between our couple. As a Trinity piece, however, this is amazing. You will be getting a token of our appreciation for participating. We will need your mailing address. So could you please note me with it? Thanks. :)
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