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The Wyvern



Primarily serpent but a powerful example of what the Trials could produce from an entire region, The Wyvern was a the closest that Gaia ever came to a 'dragon'. Though stranger 'vistors' would one day attempt to 'improve' on this in their own deludedly whimiscal fashion, The Wyvern stood more than a fair chance of becoming a Nature Guardian himself. Such was his power that he may well have joined their ranks instead of Dawnaria should he have been left to his solemn solitude. But The Kingdom and the Companions succeeded in rousing the wyrm and proving their worth to him. Inciting his support and his laden Generosity. Bringing life as well as death, the flames of The Wyvern caused rampant and resurgent growth in all that they burned. In this way The Wyvern grew a treasure horde of food and likewise saved a starving realm. Finding his true talent to be welcomed and lauded by others, The Wyvern was quick to seek out others that were suffering and saving them from their own wretchedness. He also taught many how to sustain themselves there after so that they too could share his gift. Ultimately it was this same Generosity that both saved the soul of the realm and doomed himself. For while he could have saved and rebuilt his strength, he chose instead to give, to protect and ultimately to impart his legacy onto The Hawk. Knowing that only the roaring fire of his heart could hold the noble flames of The Lion. In doing so however, The Wyvern sacrificed himself and all he could have been. But if one were to ask the few but proud descedents of the wyrm if their progenitor or they would regret their decision, they would reply "nay, and if asked again would I do so once more".
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это красиво  it is beautiful