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Dawnaria Origins Pt. 2

The great disaster that followed was as devastating as it was tragic. The number of creatures outside the Kingdom dropped from a manageable and expected level to nearly nothing. The few that remained fleeing into the Kingdom in a dread panic. The Companions soon learned that a dire threat had come to them and The Wolf sought it out. To his chagrin he detect it's scent but that actual source eluded him time and again. The Lion thought this to be a mixed blessing as rather than many threats on his borders there was but one that could not even be found. The attention of the Companions largely turned toward the west as the battles there had largely been settled and it's few and very powerful occupants had heard of the Kingdom and knew all too well what was in store. Of the three the compassionate but small squirrel Rainsha warned them that to gather together at this point in the Trials was dangerous, not only to them but to those in t
:iconrendragonclaw:RenDragonClaw 9 13
Dawnaria Origins Pt. 1

Researchers Note: The artifact is a large stain glass mural over ten feet tall. Evidence that it was mounted into an actual window frame at one time are centuries old. Currently it is unmounted, likely due to it being made portable for transport before being hidden away. The artifact was found in a small catacomb beneath the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France. Paris's own clergy and experts at first mistook it for a some sort of art project or prank until tests showed its advanced age. At which point I was asked to inspect the item due to my growing expertise with this particular subject matter depicted in said mural. The mural depicts the overall image of some sort of Griffin or fire bird curling in on itself. Around a central point each section being akin to a flame as well as parts of the Griffin's body. This creates a double image of both a burning Griffin and a sun. Some sort of solar deity perhaps? Within each 'flame' running from the bot
:iconrendragonclaw:RenDragonClaw 9 8
HWE Kasai Rex Color by RenDragonClaw HWE Kasai Rex Color :iconrendragonclaw:RenDragonClaw 44 11 HWE Kasai Rex by RenDragonClaw HWE Kasai Rex :iconrendragonclaw:RenDragonClaw 58 11 HWE Genoskwa by RenDragonClaw
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HWE Genoskwa :iconrendragonclaw:RenDragonClaw 30 13
HWE Sasquatch (image) by RenDragonClaw HWE Sasquatch (image) :iconrendragonclaw:RenDragonClaw 30 8 WKAY 1st Place Miuraki 'Perfect' JoJo by RenDragonClaw WKAY 1st Place Miuraki 'Perfect' JoJo :iconrendragonclaw:RenDragonClaw 20 5


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a aspiring artist from Washington that specializes in traditional drawings and digital coloring and effects. I've had semi-professional experience with tattoo, graphic design and illustration with some basic knowledge of commission work.

A lot of what I do centers around classic fantasy, mythology, giant monster related science fiction (kaiju) and critters of all kinds.

Real Mood: :iconarmstrongplz: 

Art Trades: Closed
Commissions: Pending
Requests: Closed


- Raifu: *Drawn - Coloring Stage*

- Dawnaria: *Drawn - Coloring Stage*

 *written Bio in progress*


So, it's been almost two years since I last made a journal. I've branched out to other social media outlets. I'm primarily either lurking on Discord with my work friends or scrolling my dash on Tumblr. Half the people I know from here are on there rather frequently so I keep up to date on their stuff that way. Facebook is just a shell that I keep up for appearances, I've never bothered to actually fully make it my own as much as you'd think. Most of what I do here now is gather and favorite more art. I know it's been really quiet around here for a long time so for those looking for a regular upload of art, you're probably going to be a disappointed...or waiting a long time still. My full 40 hour work week keeps me awfully busy with little access to non-work computers or a decent enough place to work on art. Though I manage with a small sketchbook and a clip folder. I actually have a LOT of artbook I could just submit on here but as usual a lot of it is tied into the shared setting project stuff in HWE. Sooner or later it will have appropriate text and what not added to them and I can actually add them in. My main stuff has been sitting on the back burner due to the struggle of finding the right time and mindset to write. The pace is glacial but eventually my character's I have art for will get their backstories in order and then I can go about coloring them. Maybe actually use my 5000 dollar desk ornament for its intended purpose. I will be switching priorities a bit, so as to finally get a portfolio and maybe even something resembling a product line into tangible existence. As even as comfortable as I am in my current occupation, I know its not the kind of job you can do successfully forever. It's the sort of thing that really tears your body down through sheer attrition. The things I do to keep doing my job, while pragmatic, aren't 'normal'. Apparently icing my knees and feet, every single night, shouldn't be a fact of life and I would be inclined to agree, if I didn't need something 'stable' to keep me afloat while I try to get my art off the ground. Sadly it seems more like this job as eaten more than its fair share of my life and after almost three years doing it, it doesn't feel like I've gone anywhere, learned anything, or found a way to make it less costly time wise. I've been looking into shortening my hours down by at least a single day, so I can have an extra 24 hours to do anything else. But we'll have to see where the next year takes us.

Now on a more fun and personal note, after some 200+ hours since I started it, I have finally, FINALLY, platinumed Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen for the PS3. I didn't beat every DCL quest, or get every piece of gear, though I did get most of it. I never killed Death, he is akin to the 'Deviljho' of the DLC for that game. You're either equipped to deal with him or he just noms your pawns and disappears. But with DD finally completed, I can move onto other games with a more...faster pace. I'd like to tackle Dragons Crown as I loved Muramasa, but I hear it's being rereleased on PS4 and I'm not sure if I want to just play that version or eventually go through the PS3 version I already have. One thing is for sure though, I am not playing and RPG for awhile. They are massive time sinks and I got quite a backlog to burn through. Aside from Dragons Crown, I have Asura's Wrath and that will be my next game for a bit. As after seeing a playthrough of it years ago, I know it will be a very hype, fun ride that also works as a quick burn far as gameplay goes. With that my PS3 collection will be more or less complete. My small but novel Wii U collection will be next and once they are completed I can switch out my Wii U for my Switch as well as finally dig into my now rather extensive PS4 collection. But the first mountain has been conquered and I can finally put DD down with the satisfaction that I have beaten it....twice including the speed run I did to beat it twice for the achievement. Man, one shotting the dragon with a Maker's Finger after he's done bullshitting you about humanity while towering over your most precious person? Feels good man.  Feels really freaking good. Now I get to move on and PUNCH GODS IN THE FACE.

But yeah, I'm just updating to let you all know that I'm alive, still trying to get some art done while keeping afloat financially. HWE, like KAS before it, has both gone so far ahead of me that I have next to no idea what it's doing anymore and grinded to a glacial pace that's likely upsetting the younger members. But at least it hasn't devolved into a group of angry children picking up their toys and going home, leaving a tattered mess behind like KAS was. Some of HWE's lack of speed is probably my fault lol. But I'll see if I can actually get my pawns on the board in earnest rather than as cameos. In the meantime you all have yourselves some happy holidays.

  • Listening to: Phoenix by Fallout Boy
  • Watching: Warhammer Total War II playthroughs
  • Playing: MH Generations


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AkityMH Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
RenDragonClaw Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Working on stuff.
AkityMH Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
How is the profile for Dawnaria going?

Also, this was a topic last night. You are hardly around and no one except maybe K has ever heard your force, and some newer members are like "Well I never seen him".

conclusion: Some of the HWE crew now think you may or may not be a Sasquatch. And according to one member, you *Are* a Sasquatch. Washington and all.

...ask K. lol.
RenDragonClaw Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dawnaria has most of her actual stats and two of her abilities listed so far. I'm not sure how many I'll give her ultimately but eventually she'll be balanced out with weaknesses and given her modern motive like the rest of the KCELL kaiju. Then I can get around to actually coloring her stat image.

I wouldn't be a Sasquatch, as I'm not that tall or really that strong. I also have much better hygiene. What I really am is a ghost, because even if you don't hear from me or see me post...I'm always listening. And Washington has plenty of ghosts.
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JG1723 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Ren! Thank you for stopping by my gallery and faving my latest piece. I really appreciate your support and would like you tot take this llama as a sign of my gratitude :)
RenDragonClaw Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing. Though I thought King Kong vs Godzilla was gonna be the next one? Either way this is fantastic.
Dragonsmana Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2018
G vs Kong is after this. Its slated as the third (final? unlcear) in 2020 or 21.
RenDragonClaw Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was wondering what MHW would get as a result of the crossover. We get King Behemoth who literally drops down and shows you a freaking JHO in his mouth. Like dayum son, the irony. Also the wonderful Cactuar!
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