christmasbells giveaway! WINNER announced

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:note: rolled! winner ANIMALGIRL1869

Hey! ^^ long time no see.

Well, I tried to get this out earlier, but I've been so busy with deadlines .-.

Anyway now I'm free!

I wanted to draw Cinnibells and everything for this, but now I have to go away, so I wont have time, but I really want to do it anyway! :D
A40 Cinnamon Bells* by Rendou-Animated

So i'll be giving the last of my slots to Beauty and the Bells away owned by chibrule 
A3327 Beauty and the Bells by chibrule

The first giveaway will involve RNG, and to enter you must simply comment on this journal, tagging people who you love in the community and telling them why <3 

Will be rolled in a week


closed due to no entries 

Good luck, and have a great Christmas! 
And if you're not really celebrating it this year like me, have a nice holidays :) 
I love xmas I'm just saving money this year lol 

Oh also shout out to SkyeDaPie for gifting me core and reminding me of the xmas spirit! <3 
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Rng Winner by 4TheLoveOfAnimation
the RNG gods seem to like you?? lol