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Hanami - Reiwa

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Horse: WCEC Endgame
Rider: Amery O'Leary 
Class: Showjumping Grand Prix
Registration number: 003 


"Are you seriously going out there dressed like that?" Amery paused when someone's voice sounded from behind him, and turned to smile at them while patting his mare's neck. 


"You look like a rebellious school kid." Jakob sighed, his arms crossed. 

"I need to be freeee" 

"Uh huh, well feel free to break your back on a jump pole." 

"Gasp, how could you say that, so cruel." He gathered Endgame's reins before jumping up. "I'm going to tell Carson you've been bullying me!" 

"Go ahead, you'll make him happy." 

Amery just gave an obnoxious laugh as he turned his mare around. Jakob stood back, giving the malicious horse a wide birth as it gave him the side eye. 

He watched them walk off towards the arena before rolling his eyes to himself. He was never usually the grumpy one in a pairing, but practically babysitting Amery while they were both in Japan was driving him insane. And his psychotic horse wasn't helping his stress levels. 

He smiled as his calmer horse Thunder came to mind, then turned round to go look for more civilized company. 

Preferably Thunder. 

Commentary guide : 

Amerys riding style is pure chaos, he has loose reins and relies a lot on leg aids and pressure. This run they're all speed and no grace, but that always differs depending on Endgames mood. If the horse doesn't want to run that day, she won't. Luckily today she has fire and seems determined to get a good round.

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This is absolutely beautiful! Heart  I really like the painterly style of the background and the harmonious colors  on your pair and on the piece as a whole too. :happybounce: 
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Thanks so much! It was fun to work with these colours and textures :la:
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This looks great!!
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👀 ohhhhhhhh~ Looking good Ren~
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Daaamn the colours are stunning, and so fitting to your pair :la: Adore the textures of the trees in the background <3
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Thanks so much <33 I enjoyed working with these colours c:
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This looks really good!! 
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You're doing something incredible and I'm sure you can figure it out!! You can do this dude!!
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Ahsjdj, thank you sijajsjh ILL DO ITtt
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sjgthsrjier <33!!!! aND HECK YEAH!!

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Oooo I can't wait to see the finished result!! :D 
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I just saw the update in my notifs ID But it's so gorgeous!! I love it!!! 
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