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So…uh….I figured I might as well open up for commissions while I do some job-hunting since sitting on my bum waiting isn't my style and makes me itch. ANYWHO! Since I'm /very/ new to this whole commissioning thing, I think I'll keep the prices moderately low(compared to some more experienced commissioners out there as I have seen) till I've built up some more confidence.

Free Button: Commissions Open by Mimru

:bulletblue: Prices will vary depending on the complexity/difficulty

1 Character(Headshot, waist up, full body)

Sketch/Lineart: 5 ~ 10 USD

Base colouring and simple shading: + 5 USD

Detailed shading and/or other lighting effects: + 5 ~ 10  USD

Additional characters: + 3 ~ 6 USD pr character pr step

Backgrounds: Will need to be discussed on a case by case basis, but I expect somewhere between 2 ~ 30 USD depending on complexity and colouring etc. Backgrounds isn't one of my strengths, so these will take some time, and I can't guarantee their quality just yet….

Here are some samples from my gallery. Feel free to browse more :3

Atsracian: Euris by RenderRose   Kiku - Shrine Keeper by RenderRose   Character concept: Uchu Priest by RenderRose   Concept art: Hegon Male by RenderRose   Cross Game: Kitamura n Azuma by RenderRose

Suzaku by RenderRose  Cyborg by RenderRose   F by RenderRose   Olivia by RenderRose  

Mature Content

Concept art: Hegon Female by RenderRose

:bulletgreen: I can draw fan-art or OCs or whatever, just give me some kind of references, be they pictures or a detailed description or whatever. As much as possible.

:bulletgreen: I draw mostly humans and humanoids in anime/manga style. Yaoi, Yuri, straight, Angels, Demons, I don't really care. If I haven't drawn them before I'll be happy to experiment.

:bulletgreen: I can do traditional pieces as well. In these cases, depending on whether you want a sketch, lineart, or full coloured drawing you might not get the original drawing. I usually scan in the lineart, fix up the mistakes I made in the inking process, and print it out on a different type of paper before colouring because of my markers. I will mail  to you, but you will have to pay for the shipping as well.

:bulletred: What I absolutely won't draw: Gore or grotesque scenes…or anything else that makes me uncomfortable. Nothing R rated either.

:bulletred:I also reserve the right to decline a commission.

I'm not the most experienced out there, but I love to experiment, challenge myself, and learn new things. What I will and will not draw will not be limited to what I have noted above, if you want something different, send me a note, and we can discuss it closer and see if we can't agree on something. In these cases I ask you to please be patient. Things will take a bit longer time, possibly not of a quality I would normally be comfortable with sending out(these will get a slight discount…), and I'll most likely ask you to please apologise to my friends since I'll probably be bitching to them about it when things don't work out properly.


:bulletgreen: Paypal:

:bulletgreen: I do accept DA points as well, but I would prefer paypal.

I do actually need proper money, thanks. There are certain things I need that require capital to acquire.

:bulletblue: I will start sketching the moment things have been finalised. Depending on how many steps I need to go through I will send over a watermarked copy of the sketch for further discussion/confirmation of what you wanted and make the necessary changes. I won't continue from there till I have received half of the payment.

:bulletblue: Once I finish your drawing I will first send you a watermarked low-res copy of the finished product, and I will ask for the preferred file type you want it in.

:bulletred: I will not hand over a finished, un-watermarked, copy or any large files till after I have received the full payment.

:bulletblue: I own the rights to all the commissioned pictures, however, I will only upload watermarked versions on DA, and I will refrain from uploading them altogether upon request.

:bulletblue: If you want the copyright for commercial use please let me know and we will discuss the terms.

The commissions will close if/once I have 5 lined up in a row, and open up for them again once I finish them. If/when I end commissions over an extended period of time it will be clearly noted and dated on this page.

Oh, and one more thing:

:bulletred: If I take on your commission and you first tell me to "just be creative" and give me limited references, remember that I will be very annoyed if you then later on in the process tell me that what I produced was not what you had in mind, and proceed to be very unpleasant and/or can't make up your mind, I might cut the transaction short, return your money, and kindly ask you to go to someone else for the commission.

If you're still interested after reading this wall of text, feel free to send me a note here on DA.

Thank you.

-:- Saache -:- Over and OUT!

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I think you should draw Señor banana. *looks at points* Damn; I threw my tiny, random amount of points away. Here, have a Llama!