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Looking forward to seeing next... 

49 deviants said An IMPERILED page
30 deviants said A Superheroine Magazine cover
20 deviants said A commissioned piece
20 deviants said A Bad Girls Magazine cover
15 deviants said An ARCHNEMESIS playing card
I was tagged, then I got a note asking why I ignored the tag.  Some people are weird.  You know who you are!

The rules are:
1. Post all rules
2. Write 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 people
4. Write the name of the character with its owner.

1. Samantha Hill, AKA Cardinal, was an average 20-something year old woman when she answered a SummerCorp ad for an experimental drug trial that promised to "Unlock Your Full Potential".  Only desiring to be more than average in life, Sam happily went along with the trials even when things started turning dark and deadly.  Of course, SummerCorp is #evilcorp and the rest is called backstory.  BTW, SummerCorp was created by HoorayForSloth who at one time used to write really detailed and rich world building stories involving heroines, villainesses, and he had one of my favorite OC heroines of all time.  Purity.  Now?  HoorayForSloth sucks, because he doesn't even stop by with beer anymore.

2. Originally, Cardinal wasn't meant to have wings.  Ever.  However, during the design process I had a Red Bull and everyone knows, Red Bull gives you wings.

3. Cardinal was meant to be little more than a fetish doll.  But, I grew attached and it's taken me a long time (years?) to even put her in serious sexual peril.  I guess I do have a heart, or something.

4. Cardinal picked up a sidekick, Blue Thrush, who was originally supposed to look up to Cardinal as a role-model.  However, I couldn't resist the Moulder / Scully trope and the two SLOWLY grow closer where the younger (teen) Blue Thrush constantly harasses Cardinal with sexual innuendo and flat out harassment at times. 

5. Cardinal's logo is (obviously) a mashup of two very popular American sports teams.  One college, one professional.

6. Cardinal doesn't look like it, but she's a powerhouse thanks to SummerCorp.  A total brawler, who prefers high altitude surveillance to straight up fights.  She has super-strength and some damage resistance with a little regeneration build in.  She can't pick up a tank, but she can tear the turret off of one.

7. Samantha Hill, aka Cardinal, actually works at RP Publishing / OC Comics division where she is convinced there is something sinister going on with the CEO and founder of the company.  She's currently investigating how Superheroine Magazine and Bad Girls Magazine manages to get all the news scoops, dirt, gossip, and nude photos of heroines and villainesses alike.  

8. Cardinal is straight, though Blue Thrush doesn't accept that version of Cardinal's reality.  Cardinal was engaged once, in her early twenties, but hasn't had a boyfriend since her time at SummerCorp.  She can easily hide her wings, so embarrassment isn't the issue.  There must be something else going on.  Maybe Blue Thrush is right...

I'm am NOT tagging 8 people, so there!


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Guy Alias
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I'm a hobbyist playing around with Poser and some of my favorite characters from various media and a few OCs here and there. Try not to take me seriously, I sure don't.


War?  War never changes.  Here's the proof:

Mature Content

Vote Now! Riata the Bandit vs. Cardinal by amazonarrow

Mature Content

Fiona Fairplay says Play Nice! by Centrilia

Riata and Cardinal are neck and neck, be sure to vote:…

Remember, there's only a commission giveaway if Cardinal beats Riata and her "sentient goat rope".
The new Batgirl parody / erotic peril thriller comic Thin Blue Line, a commission for :iconmannameded:, starts today over at :iconrob66:'s blog.  Be sure to get the blog address from Rob66 and be sure to thank ManNamedEd for sharing with the rest of the class.
:iconlordamon12: is hosting an OC duel of sorts and it looks like Cardinal is facing off against amazonarrow 's kinkster Riata.  Vote for whoever you like, but be sure to vote:…
Later today: A new installment of IMPERILED featuring Star Power and Snowflake.
Star Power and Blue Thrush are battling for the win... or loss... on the current poll.  It's close!  Will Star Power suffer her first humiliating loss so soon after her grand debut?  Your votes decide!  Also, there might be a surprise released into the wild today.  Stay tooned!

Commission Information

Commission Queue:

turtleluz (comic rotation) - on hold
MercyMC (comic rotation) - on hold
ManNamedEd (comic rotation) - in progress
KarenGianni - message sent
Unmerciful Storm

PRICING - Payment made via PayPal

RP Signature Series - Numbered Image:
1 Standard 3000px by 2250px image, featuring 1 character: $25.00
One Time Original Character Creation Fee (Per Character): $10.00 (You get a free pinup out of the deal - 2 images initially - and this fee is WAIVED if I've ever created or used your character for free previously)
Multiple High Poly Character Fee (meaning you want more than just 1 character in the image): $10.00 flat fee. Limit 5 high poly characters. Low poly characters; I.E. Background noise are no charge, they don't cause an increase in render time for me.
Special Requests, heavy Photoshopping, something weird I didn't think of, or if you specifically NEED me to purchase something I don't already have? We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

RP After Dark - Limited Edition Numbered Image: (These images are not safe for dA due to graphic adult content of some kind)
1 Standard 3000px by 2250px image, featuring 2 characters: $35.00
One Time Original Character Creation Fee: $10.00
Multiple High Poly Character, 3 or more characters up to 5 characters: $15.00 flat fee. Low poly / background characters are free. They are basically just objects that look better with depth of field blur on them.
Special Requests, something weird I didn't think of, or if you specifically NEED me to purchase something I don't already have? We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

RP Comics / Full Comic Pages or Comic Books:
Price negotiable


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