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[SFM/GMOD] [DL] Filly And Adult Bindle Assets



Exactly as the title says!

Go ahead and download!                     TO THE RIGHT          =========>            -------------->            ==========>
*Extract into usermod folder

A little of a personal note: Sorry it's taken so long to do this one guys. Work's been killing me recently.
But luckily I've rectified the situation and have a lot more free-time now. So, I've decided to finish this one up
and send it out! Hope everypony enjoys!!

*Note: This is not part of the upcoming foals project. (Don't ask about it, it's top secret ;))

Model Details:

:bulletgreen: Completely bonemergeable!

:bulletgreen: Tested to work in both sfm and gmod!

:bulletgreen: Has 2 different skins! (I know the first plaid/checkered one isn't perfect, but I'm terrible at
uv unwrapping/aligning and texturing weird spherical shapes like that! Sorry! ^^; )

:bulletgreen: Has 3 flexes for multiple uses! (Sorry, but 3 is really all it needed :) )

:bulletgreen: Double-sided (inside pouch)! So there's lots of uses!

:bulletgreen: SMD's and vta flexes included so you can use them for your OCs and stuff.
Sorry, but if you decide to use them for an OC, it won't have the flexes, unless someone knows a way to have
bodygroups with flexes, that I'm currently unaware of! ^^;

:bulletyellow: Physics aren't the best in gmod. (Sorry, don't know how/if there's a way to fix that. ^^; )


The usual peeps.

:iconchiramii-chan: for original body.

:iconaeridiccore: for releasing source files.

:iconrenderingbytes: for lazing around and working my (explicative deleted) off.
But mostly for the custom models, and custom textures.

:iconwandering-dreams: my usual idea guy. Give him some love! Without him I (probably) wouldn't have made this!

Personal question: Does everyone like my awesome custom gmod and sfm logos? Lemme know in the comments, I'm thinking of using them for my main projects coming up in the future! Thanks again guys! I do it all for you!
Anyways, I gotta go now. Enjoy the models/assets! See ya later!
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