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Filly Rara And Filly Scout Assets [SFM/GMOD] [DL]



Yes, that's right everypony! Now you too can have your very own filly Rara!
Sorry it took so long. I had to figure out some stuff. And I'm still not too sure of everything either,
So if you find anything wrong with the model or any of the friendship scout models, please tell me.
And yes it is the friendship scout clothes and accessories from the episode.

*Note: There is a little bit of a clipping issue with the shirt.
I can't really do anything about it, or haven't figured out a way to fix it.
**Note: Only filly Rara and the clothes (hat,shirt,scarf/bandana,etc...) are included.

                      DL to the right                  --------->              - - - - - - - - >               ------------->

Details about the models:

Bullet; Green  The bandana/scarf has a flex for moving the ring up and down.

Bullet; Green  Everything is rigged correctly and has correct measurements.
    (Except for the afore mentioned shirt clipping issue)

Bullet; Green  The cap (seen above) has a separate bodygroup for a nametag/nameplate thing,
    and a second skin to go along with it. The cap was created to fit most mane types.
    But if the mane is bigger/covers it/clips through it, then just move the cap to the correct
    position (In Sfm. For Gmod, use the bone merge tool for everything except for the cap)

Bullet; Green  Everything has been optimized to work correctly for both Sfm and Gmod.

Bullet; Green  Everything is labeled as filly_scout, and VN_filly_rara.

Bullet; Green  The filly Rara model has 2 skins like most of the fillies, one with cutie mark,
    one without.

Bullet; Red  The filly Rara model does NOT come with the scout assets as bodygroups.
    If you want an oc or something with them as bodygroups just ask, and I'll
    go ahead and do it for you. (But it won't include the ring moving flex)


:iconrenderingbytes: for the idea and custom friendship
scout models.
:iconchiramii-chan: for the original filly base.
:iconsindroom: for the mane, tail, and textures.
And of course Hasbro, DHX, and Lauren Faust.
Thanks guys!
*Disclaimer: this is a fan based model release,
and was only created to further the community,
and for educational purposes, and for just plain old fun.
None of the models in this release were meant to
infringe on anypony's rights. And this was not created
to make any financial gain.
All copyrights belong to their respected owners and
this falls within the fair use act. Thank you guys again
for inspiring a wonderful and amazing community.

Anyway, it's been a pretty long week. So I'm glad that I can finish it good.
Again, thanks for being so patient guys! It means so much! I hope everyone enjoys this release!
Until next time!

© 2016 - 2023 RenderingBytes
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Looking beautiful, all we get to see now is the SFM version of her song. :)