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Filly Pumpkin and Colt Pound Cake [SFM/GMOD] [DL]



Hey guys. Read the title. This is what I think the cake babies would look like as foals.
This was originally recommended by :iconwandering-dreams:
He's been a big help suggesting things. Give him a round of applause! :clap:
Hope everyone enjoys!

Model Details:

:bulletgreen: Custom rigged jiggle bow for Pumpkin.

:bulletgreen: Each has two skins. The main skin with no cutie mark and a secondary skin with a cutie mark. No one knows what their cutie marks will be, so I chose a couple random ones that others have speculated could be theirs.

:bulletyellow: I made them both with Scootaloo's mane and tail, because no one really knows what their manes and tails will look like, but this was as close to show-accurate as I could get without making a complete custom mane and tail.

:bulletred: Now, only the two foals are included. Mrs. Cake and Pinkie are not included obviously. And neither are the actual cakes in the background! =P


:iconrenderingbytes: for putting everything together, including the awesome preview pic.
And for the custom rigged jiggle bow.

:iconwandering-dreams: for originally recommending the idea.

:iconchiramii-chan: for the filly base models

Hasbro, DHX, and Lauren Faust.

Everyone who watches me! Thanks! You guys are great!
Until next time guys!

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If you see this, thanks, now i have what i need to recreate the Fallout Equestria trailer made famous by LYRA animations.