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Filly Dinky Doo v.2 [DL] [SFM/GMOD]



Hey guys. I know there's already been a few Dinkies and I know this one isn't the most accurate. But I'm only releasing this one so I can move onto other fillies.
*NOTE: I will make a custom mane for her later. This is only temporary.

Model Details:

:bulletgreen: Compatible with both SFM and GMOD

:bulletgreen: Model has 4 eye skins. The 3 original, and 1 extra 'Derpy' eye skin.

:bulletred: Model does not come with Derpy or anything else seen in the picture.


:iconrenderingbytes: for putting everything together, and releasing. (And updating textures a little =P)

:icontyraka628: for original textures.

:iconzyntron: for inspiration and go ahead.

:iconwandering-dreams: for original suggestion.

:iconchiramii-chan: for original filly base model.

:iconaeridiccore: for filly source files.

:iconstefano96: for resized filly extra files.

Hasbro, DHX, and Lauren Faust for mlp:fim.

A lot of people's work went into this. Thanks everyone! Give 'em a round of applause! :clap:

Well... that's another filly down (for now). Now onto the rest!
Until next time guys!
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PonySFM link broken, giving htm files.